The Honey Pot Bee: November

Seriously, where did October go? I’m writing this post with a bucket of stolen candy in my lap to celebrate Halloween. Why buy my own when there’s oodles of it just left on neighbourhood door steps across the country? Snickers-Bounty-Snickers-Bounty? Hmm … Butterfinger! What’s your go-to Halloween candy? Hopefully, you’ll be chowing down on some wherever you are in the world. You know what else is sweet and delicious? This month’s two blocks from The Honey Pot Bee Queens!

I’ve known our first queen, Kristy, for pretty much my entire sewing career. She’s a fellow Aussie, and it’s hard not to describe her as one of the undisputed champions of paper-piecing. So if you’re ever looking for the most amazing paper-piecing patterns, or even a custom design, she’s sure to satiate your sweet tooth! See below for her block contribution.

Hello!  I’m Kristy from Quiet Play, and rather excited to be a part of this bit of awesome that is Molli’s The Honey Pot Bee. Those who know me, you won’t be at all surprised to find that my block choice is foundation pieced! Don’t worry – I kept it simple as I know not everyone is as crazy about paper piecing as I am.

So let’s celebrate our favourite theme – sewing! This little spool block declares how we feel about it – “I Heart Sewing.” It’s perfect for a wee bit of fussy cutting, or using your favourite textured and tone-on-tone prints. Plus a bonus – it’s excellent for using up scraps! Templates are included in a few different sizes so you can choose which one suits best. Put a few together and make a bigger block, or use just one as a filler. It also happens to be perfect for making into a mini-mini quilt as demonstrated here.

You can find this pattern in my Craftsy shop. Feel free to share it on IG with #quietplaypatterns. Happy sewing!

Heart On a Spool Block



Blog: Quiet Play

IG: @quietplay

I know I’ll be making a few of these for my own THPB quilt, and I can imagine a whole row of these in a row-by-row quilt! Time to bust into my own overflowing scrap bins.

Next up, we have another Aussie, Marni Franks, who has definitely been around the quilting mat a few times. (Check out that bio below!) She’s offered up one of her own designs and is showing it off in a couple of funky ways. Pictured below is for all you Halloween aficionados, as Marni couldn’t be a part of this quilt bee without bringing her own Frankenstein flair! I think this block has such potential, and is it just me, or are we all seeing some faceted jewels? I hope to see many of you tackle this block because there’s gonna be a little incentive involved if you do! (More on that later!)

My name is Marni Franks and I’m from Frankenstein’s Fabrics. I am a 30-something quilter with a love of things dark and whimsical, a penchant for science fiction and an obsession with Snow White. I am a long-arm quilter, published pattern designer, ex-magazine editor, patchwork teacher, apprentice sewing machine mechanic and a crazy cat lady! 

I started quilting almost 14 years ago when working in a local patchwork shop and it has been a slippery slope to the dark side ever since. I love to create – its a compulsion and is as necessary to me as breathing. 

My block for you this month is one of my own design that I have re-made with my favourite themed fabrics – Halloween. There’s a lot of pieces in this block but many recognisable elements that we all know and love. I hope you enjoy this block as much as I do and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

Coral Crown Block



Blog: Frankenstein’s Fabrics

IG: @frankiesfabrics

Okay, time to put the candy away and accept that November is here. Which, really, just means it’s a slippery slope to that Thanksgiving feast I dream about all year. Time to learn how to sew up some bigger pants!

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  1. These are so good! Unfortunately I couldn’t continue this my first and favourite bee because of very serious illness. I hope to follow you all and to see the final quilts etc. Best wishes to everyone! x Teje

  2. AJ says:

    I am so behind with my blocks! Not only that, I keep seeing wonderful other projects to make with them, like a pincushion with the adorable spool block. Molli, you are so right about jewels using the Coral Crown block. Personally, I immediately saw diamonds. I think it’s time to pull out my Jennifer Sampou Shimmer stash for this one. Would it be too tacky to add some silver lame’ or other sparkly accent and go all literal ‘a la Tiffany engagement ring? I think not.

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  2. December 3, 2017

    […] for feedback. Speaking of … Last month I alluded to a little prize for all those who made Marnie’s Coral Crown Block. We realised it was a beast of a block (69 pieces), so Marnie wanted to reward one of you […]

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