The Honey Pot Bee: December

Can you believe it’s the last month of The Honey Pot Bee?! What a delicious ride it has been so far! I got asked today if The Honey Pot Bee will continue for another round into the new year. The short answer is, “No.” However, the medium-to-long answer is that I would like to continue some posts on how to complete your quilt top. I know a lot of you have been questioning the same, but until I saw all of the quilt blocks it’s been somewhat of an impossible task. After today’s reveal, I can start thinking about options for putting all this glorified craziness into one place. But hey! Don’t wait on me, if you’ve got a sashing plan, or an everything but the kitchen sink layout ready to go: GO! I do have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be adding a few more filler blocks here and there, and I will fo’ sho’ let you know what those are along the way. So, not a full bee, but we’re still gonna be giving them something to talk about well into 2018.

So after all that to and fro, let’s have a look at the last two official blocks for the year! First up is this stunner from Isabelle called the Star Catcher Block. She should really just send this block to me because it would fit so well in my own quilt. I’m loving the geometry, the saturation, and the secondary pattern I can see this creating on repeat. Are you ready for it?

Hi!  I’m Isabelle – quilter, stay-at-home-mom, wife, and high school history teacher, though not always in that order.  I write at Teach Sew Love, but you can find most of what I do on Instagram as @southbaybella.  I started sewing two years ago when I was feeling a little lost as a new stay-at-home parent and needed something fun that wasn’t stuffed or animated.  I discovered a passion for sewing and quilting that I have truly enjoyed ever since. 

 I’m so excited to be one of the last of an awesome group of Queens for The Honey Pot Bee. I thought we could add a few more triangles to our Honey Pot Bee quilts.  After a few ideas that didn’t quite work (check my Instagram for an earlier, more literal interpretation), the Star Catcher block came to be.  This block has a few twists and turns, and includes the use of a “super scant” seam.  Block design and pattern writing are a newer part of my skill set, so please be sure to share questions or feedback.  Thanks for an awesome year with The Honey Pot Bee.  I hope you enjoy adding the Star Catcher block to your beautiful quilts!

Star Catcher Block



Blog: South Bay Bella Studio

IG: @southbaybella

Next we have Yvonne who has designed this multi-faceted (in every sense of the word) quilt block called Hashtag Is the New Plaid. Hilarious, sparkling, and striking all at once! Can I get an amen?! Again, this block on repeat with the right fabric placement would be all about the jewels, baby! As someone who considers shopping for diamonds a hobby, I think I know a thing or two about that! Mmm-kay! The instructions for both of these blocks or next level, so make one, make two, or make a whole quilt just in time for the holidays!

I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and I wore a lot of plaid in middle and high school. When I started dating my husband, he wore this one plaid shirt really often… and just a few weeks ago, after the plaid shirt hung in our closet for over 14 years, it was finally time to admit it was too torn up and worn to keep using or even pass on.

(Side note: in case you were wondering where Jetgirl *really* originated, I think you can get a true sense of it here. My husband started designing, building, and testing jet engines as a teenager and quickly earned the moniker “Jetman” as a result.)

When I was thinking about how trends change (plaid was a huge fashion staple in the 90s), I started to think about how the pound sign has been renamed “hashtag” and how much a “hashtag” is used these days. Then I started realizing that a hashtag and plaid really have a lot in common, and the inspiration for this block design was created!

Hashtag Is the New Plaid Block



Blog: Quilting Jetgirl

IG: @quiltingjetgirl

I’ll be back with more information about further developments with The Honey Pot Bee as I figure them out. Until then, I know you have plenty of blocks to make and show off! Remember, the Facebook group is a great source of inspiration, and casual place to ask for feedback. Speaking of … Last month I alluded to a little prize for all those who made Marnie’s Coral Crown Block. We realised it was a beast of a block (69 pieces), so Marnie wanted to reward one of you Aussie’s who gave it a shot! I’d be pressing that refresh button on your browser until you see what’s on offer. Huge.

Okay, I’m outta here for now, enjoy your week, and flip me a note if you have anything burning you up. But, consider seeing a doctor if it’s below the waist! Ciao!


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  1. Thanks so much for organizing and hosting, Molli! This has been a blast and I look forward to rounding out my blocks and starting to consider a plan.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yes thanks for organizing…..I may spend the year catching up.

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