Sunday Stash #239 – At the Very Beginning

I must be a quilter with a reputation. At the very beginning of my US holiday, after touching down from a twenty-two hour journey from Sydney to Tulsa, Oklahoma, I was met at the airport gate by Grandma Sparkles and my aunt, Tracy. It was incredible to see familiar faces and embraces that I could collapse into after flying Southwest Airlines. I don’t know how you Americans do it; I reeked of peanuts and mediocrity. It was a far cry and many tears from my international first class affairs!*

My reputation had obviously preceded me because it wasn’t five minutes into our reunion, and Tracy was already throwing fabric at me! She’s also a quilter, and I take full credit for getting her all jazzed up about quilting again after a lengthy hiatus. She got so hardcore into it that her thumb fell off her hand. #truestory Kids, don’t try this at home! So anyway, Tracy had some extra Brandon Mably half yards left over from an intense, no holds barred quilting session that she decided I needed. Who am I to say no?

Brandon Mably designs for Free Spirit fabrics via Rowan, part of the Westminster Fibers family (or something like that!) These pieces are from 2016, but heaven only knows what the collection is called. I have to be honest with you, dear Glitterati, I am a Mably / Kaffe novice! I’ve never made anything with their fabrics, and they are completely outside my wheelhouse. So tell me, do you combine them with other fabrics, or do they only work together? Do you piece both big and small with them? Am I overthinking this? Should I just shut up and sew?

So over the next few weeks I’m going to continue to share with you my holiday fabric journey. If all this happened in the first five minutes, you’re not even gonna believe what happened when I went looking for the good stuff. Stay tuned!

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*New readers: These are jokes. **Old readers: Do I even need to say that anymore?

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  1. I don’t know if I want more details about the #truestory or not! o_O

  2. So glad you were able to fit those beauties in the magic suitcase! Thanks for hosting SS!

  3. Iris says:

    “I reeked of peanuts and mediocrity”. What a great line; I may quote you … please?

    I’ve made one full size quilt using only KF and BM fabrics. The fabrics were cut up in all sizes and shapes including fussy cutting; mixing dots with floral, paisley and line designs. It’s pretty intense colour-wise – onlookers jump back when they first see it 🙂
    The reds definitely require pre-washing in my experience. I’ve also used KF together with other fabric lines but KF’s fabric weight is lighter and benefits from starch. (My longarm quilter called it shirting material!)

  4. Well, that is a start for us to see some of the goodies. They are fab fabrics.!!!

  5. Jeanette says:

    I have been using Kaffe/Mably fabric for years and just went to a lecture of his in Richmond Va last week. He is a very colorful fellow and you would enjoy getting to know him better. I do use other fabrics with his fabrics and I am making Jen Kingwell, Gypsy Wife quilt in mostly his prints. Before Kaffe starting designing fabric and quilts he was a knitter. He is an artist with a keen eye for color and thinking out of the box. The fabrics you received are some I am not familiar with but enjoy using them.

  6. Roseline says:

    Been using Kaffe in our honey pot bee blocks.
    The Kaffe/ Mably family of fabrics have a life of their own as in colours movement and story line, You gotta ck out his woven stripes!!!

  7. Katie says:

    Shut up and sew. 😉

  8. Dinana says:

    There is a Kaffe/Brandon fan page on f/b…lots of inspiration there Kaffe Fassett Collective

  9. Helen says:

    Missed out linking up my new stash , I am away . Love your own fabrics and looking forward to seeing what you do

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