Sunday Stash #246 – Step Back In Time

Let’s just say that New York City was ripe for the picking! I bought all sorts of fabrics that I’ve shown you, but I also ventured into shops that I haven’t even mentioned. Which, for the sake of being nice, I won’t drop the names of those places where I didn’t buy anything. I will say though, if you’re gonna charge premium prices for fabrics that have been in online sale bins for years, you’d best be offering me a champagne toast upon arrival! (Not one glass was offered by the way: don’t they know who I am?)

Before we slide into the last stop on The Great American Fabric Tour of 2017, I have to step back in time a la Kylie Minogue to Oklahoma for a second. (Not a place I usually like to linger, but there’s fabric involved, so, here we go.) During Sunday Stash #239 I showed you some fabrics that my aunt Tracy gifted me. Well, as I have continued to organise all this fabric pizazz, I found another bag she wanted me to have. Jesus-Louisis! There’s fabric coming out of my glory holes! That’s one I haven’t seen before, ow! As you see in the pic above, there’s a Kaffe onslaught — the blue colour way leftovers from a layer cake she used. Since my Kaffe stash is extremely limited, I’ll gladly grant entry for this colour explosion.

She also managed to slip in some Shaman fabric from my sometimes boyfriend, David Butler. Seriously, y’all, he won’t stop calling me at 2am asking me what I think about his fat quarters and large thread cone. If I have to march over there and thread his needle, mmm-gurl, let me just say, I’m gonna wind his bobbin so-so tight! I’ve put this charm pack in my “Fabrics Designed by Ex-Boyfriends” pile, and maybe I will, maybe I won’t get around to using it. But David, puh-lease, show some dignity.

So that’s that, a little Oklahoma pick-me-up. Next week I’ll be entertaining you with the start of the main event, my Floridian arrival. I entered Pensacola’s A&E Fabrics with a gift certificate in my pocket, and a license to spend. There are over sixty fabrics to show off, so brace yourself, we’re gonna be here a while.

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5 Responses

  1. Those blues and purples with a splash of green, so beautiful, who could resist them turning into something totally glorious. Then the fat quarters, your bins must surely be overflowing. No good asking if you would like some fabric for Christmas??

  2. Suzanne says:

    If you ever get a picture of David’s large thread cone… be sure to share it around! Always a laugh Molli… always a laugh.

  3. Dorothy says:

    I hate it when shops keep upping the price “to stay current with today’s prices” on fabric that has been in their shop for YEARS !!!! Yes, we have them in WA state (USA) too. Congrats on your government’s vote—you really are legal now, right ? Love to both

  4. You’re so classy not naming and shaming!! Looking forward to more of your fabric adventures!

  1. January 14, 2018

    […] I left you last year, it was Sunday Stash #246, and I was just about to unveil all my goodies from A&E Fabrics in Pensacola, Florida. […]

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