The Honey Pot Bee: September

It’s season changing time! Here in Australia we just celebrated the first day of Spring (vernal equinox be damned), and I am ready for it! Time for more light in my sewing room, and more warmth in my life. I’m so in love with the two block options for September that I can’t even decide which I’m going to make first. Besides the fact that I have like twelve other deadlines that need finishing, but who’s counting? I do want to remind everyone that this is a no pressure quilt bee, so don’t feel like you have to make everything in sequential order. If you’ve missed sewing along for the past four months, that is completely fine (hello, and even expected!) Don’t worry about what you’ve missed, instead, if you like the look of September’s blocks, just jump in and make a few of these!

So first up for September, Erin from Quilt By Starlight has offered up this beautiful, easy-going, Scrappy Cross Block from Bonjour Quilts. You can make this as scrappy or non-scrappy as you like, but don’t stress yourself too much about lining everything up. These look best when they have a little flourish of the hand. So let go, and just getcha getcha gethcha get your sew on!

Hey hey! I’m Erin and you can find me across at Quilt by Starlight. I’m a long arm quilter by night, an Executive Assistant by day, and I’m obsessed with the finishing aspect of quilting. I’m usually dreaming about how I’m going to quilt it, even before the fabric pull is finished! I like long walks on the beach, I’m obsessed with the rain, I will argue till the cows come home that aqua is the best neutral hands down, and I hoard, *cough*, I mean curate, an ample fabric collection.

My first love was piecing though, and I do love a good cross block! Since I am not a pattern designer myself, I had a chat to the lovely Kirsty from Bonjour Quilts. I’ve selected her fab Scrappy Cross Block (head across to Kirsty’s blog for the original tutorial) for the month of September! When I was making my examples I couldn’t stop at just one block. (I think I might need to make a full quilt!) This block is a great size at 8” finished for making extras to fill out your quilt top closer to the end. 

Scrappy Cross Block



Blog: Quilt by Starlight

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Somebody duck duck goose me, because I am about to pop out of my seat about this next tutorial. Ms. Sarah “No Hats” and I go way-back-when to our early blogging days. She continues to impress with every new paper piecing project she presents, but today is breaking down one of her many secrets. It’s called Fussy Cut FPP, and it’s gonna take your paper piecing to the next level. For all those who just started FPPing this year, you’re certainly getting a hands on crash course on the topic! If FPP is old hat, time to really show us what you’re made of! Challenge? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Sarah sent me the below email which I just thought was hilarious! What’s not slanted? These geese may actually be upright, how would we ever know!? I think I’ve started walking around with my head tilted to the side just to make sense of most things!


SO, not that you needed the backstory, but when Nell was two months old, I got this call out of the blue from the MQG asking if I was available to film Fresh Quilting TV.  Say WHAT? Wrong number? Turns out someone had to back out at the last minute, so I got to fill in and film a couple segments for the 200 series earlier this summer.  …On three weeks’ notice, mind you – so basically I was totally their LAST resort… ha ha.. 🙂  But hey, it sounded fun and I was on maternity leave so I wasn’t about to turn that opportunity down!

Anyway, somewhat serendipitously, it starts airing this week, and as of this past Friday we are allowed to share the footage with whomever we want.  I figured my demo on fussy-cut foundation paper piecing (which is based on a free little 5″ block) would be perfect for this month’s honey pot bee — you know, a nice little foray that sews up super quick, with a nice visual, and that hopefully won’t scare anyone away from FPP in the process!

Also.. as for the block, I only recently gave it a name… I’m calling it the Slanted Goose.  Because everything’s slanted these days AMIRIGHT?! (#sosamerica #seriouslywhatyearisit #factsareathing)  Except for geese.  So dibs on #slantedgoose for this.

Slanted Goose Block Printout

Slanted Goose Block Video



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Okay, it’s over to you to get to sewing up some of these blocks. I’ll be working on both August and September this week, hopefully getting them done before I leave on holiday for a month! Now that the kids are back at school, or Spring is bringing the sun, or you’ve just thrown all your white shoes in the fire, let September bring you some sewing joy. Do what you can, forgive what you can’t, and don’t be afraid to tell us all about it in the Facebook group! See you there!

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  1. Sue says:

    Wow! Fantastic blocks this month! Thanks for organising.

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