Shantay You Stay

You know that feeling you get when you stretch your arms out really wide and it feels like they could almost pop off, but you keep doing it because in this weird masochistic way it feels tantalising gooooooood. Mmmm, yeah, right…. there! Ow! Well, that’s how sewing felt this weekend. First up, I made a cushion that I’ll be showing you in mid-October in support of Angie “GnomeAngel” Wilson’s new book! I’ve had a sneak peek and it is a little slice of heaven. You’re gonna want to get your hands on this one, and I may be able to help you out … but that’s next month. Sorry for the super-early teaser, but this cushion project has given me all the artistic feels!

Since I can’t show you that yet, how about we ogle some of these latest blocks I’ve made for The Honey Pot Bee? These are from August and September, and I’m all Gaga for the high volume colour palette. When I started making these blocks I didn’t really look at my previous blocks so I’m hoping they’ll all tie in together. There may be a make it work moment, but that’s the best type of moment you could have for a moment when you live in the moment. (Mariah Carey called…) <–I know most of you won’t get that, but for those that do catch the reference, please stand up. Oops, I did it again.

You can find the tutorials for all of these blocks from The Honey Pot Bee tab on the main page. I’m loving the Scrappy Cross Blocks, and I’m undecided about The Pineapple Block. There is a LOT going on, but I am shantay-you-stay-ing that yellow goose! Now I’ve yet to make the #slantedgooseblock but if I find a printer lying around, I’m gonna ask it to print some pages for me. I’ve also been stitching some binding down while keeping Mr. Sparkles company on the couch. He’s still off from work, so please send him some of your Glitterati sparkle thoughts! I need his tummy ready by Monday, as there is some down home cooking we both need to attack once stateside.


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  1. Luisa says:

    I preordered Angie’s book and can’t wait to receive it, she really does have the best fussy cutting of any that I’ve seen. I had the pleasure of meeting Angie over the weekend at Amitie Textiles where Denyse Schmidt was teaching two classes and a lecture. We hope you come to visit us one day Molli!

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