I Am The Glitter Bomb. + SALE

I never rush to make quilts. In fact, I’m quite the opposite: a slow, beguiling creature who draws, ponders, teases, and at the last minute sews. In fact, I’d probably eschew the sewing all together if I could. Often I get hung up on an aesthetic or design element, so I push the whole project away and come back to it a few months later. This was one of those designs. If you scroll back far enough in my Instagram feed (22 September, 2015), you’ll find an open sketchbook, at a hotel bar, with a vodka martini planted nearby. Eighteen months ago, and now here we are.

This quilt, aptly named, I Am The Glitter Bomb, pretty much sums me up! Explosions of rainbow fabulosity for all the world to see! I used my Divas Alphabet Pattern (sale details at the end) to get my hair flicking diva-dom working out. You should see me whip a high blonde pony around the room: Michelle Weinberger got nothin’ on me! The layout went through several iterations before even a single piece of fabric was cut. In the end, I elected for the straightforward approach. This will leave me lots of room for metallic thread quilting options. Oh, and you know there will be an insane amount of metallic thread–I’ve got a drawer full of Aurifil Brillo ready to go.

I’ve been posting progress pics on my IG: molli_sparkles while I’ve been making this quilt. I started with a myriad of rainbow batiks (because they deserve to be loved), and then cut them all up into 1.5″ squares. I then began making variously orientated four-patches as indicated in my pattern by names like Madonna, Cher, Kylie, Tina, and the like. You know, those ladies that I say a little prayer to every night. Glory be thy diva name.

I do love me some organisation. Heels to the left, flats to the right! I used Mr. Sparkles sistema boxes (get into them, amazing) to keep all my bits and boobs bobs straight. I  always knew that black was going to be my go to neutral to really make these rainbow colours pop. There’s this nasty rumour going around that black is no longer modern. As if I care. Black will always be modern. FULL STOP. I used Moda’s Bella Solids, as that’s the yardage I had on hand, and it has a really deep luxury about it.

Piece, piece, piece. I kept everything random by just making sure there were no squares of the same fabric sitting next to each other. Since I wanted it to feel like rainbow glitter, I felt this was the most confetti cannon way to do it. These little four patches are a really great leaders and enders style project as I can just sit a little box next to my machine and whip some up like a pitcher of sangria.

This is where it all started, with the letter “I.” It’s like I always say, “Molli with an ‘i’ because it’s all about me.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Oh wait, I did. Anywho, here’s a nice closeup of some of the other letters. I am digging the sharp-edged watercolour nature of this whole project brought about by using the batiks. I made sure to only select those fabrics that were intensely saturated, which I feel paid off in this instance. Besides, I wouldn’t want to be mixing brown and black, no no no!

As a celebration for finally finishing this quilt top, I’m having a 33% off sale on the pattern. I’ve reduced it from $15 USD down to $10 USD for one week only. If you do decide to let your diva sing with my pattern, please let me know so I can share what you make! I am sure it will be your own glitter bomb!

Divas Alphabet Pattern SALE

4 Responses

  1. Debbie says:

    Wow that looks absolutely amazing. The colours are just gorgeous. Inspiring to make a quilt with another saying on it. Thanks for the info. (Just hate those tiny 4 patch though). Keep inspiring and sharing Molli Sparkles.

  2. Katie says:

    I LOVE it! Now I feel the need to get out my pattern and make some more words!! 😀

  3. Trude Jackson says:

    LOL…so excited to add this pattern to my collection…but panicked when I made payment…and it wasn’t to “Molli Sparkles”…lol…

    Just LOVE it! Your work is always amazing!

  4. Kylie says:

    My daughter would freak out over this! Love love love!!

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