Quilt Finish – I Am the Glitter Bomb

Confession: I finished some quilts and didn’t tell you about them. Slap my limp wrist right off! This first one I want to show you is a doozy that I have been conceiving for three years. Talk about a baby bump! Ow! I finally popped it out at this years Tropical Fruits Art Show. Lo and behold I won an award plus a sizeable gift certificate to a local fabric shop. This is the same show where last year I sold a quilt, so it’s proving pretty fruitful!

If you look closely it says, “Rising Star Award,” which had me all like, RISING? But whatevs, it just means I’m gonna have to work a bit harder to make sure my presence is known like a dominatrix with her cat o’ nine tails. (Boots. Maybe I need patent leather boots. Hmm.) Anywho, my quilt sparkled, I waved at the fans, there were flashes, then I danced all night. It’s a rough life being a quilting disco diva!

I Am the Glitter Bomb utilises so many of my favourite things, it has easily become my go-to couch quilt. I know it is summer in Sydney, and yeah, I still use a quilt.

  • Batik rainbow 1″ squares
  • My Divas Alphabet Pattern (available on Craftsy)
  • Text on quilts
  • Quilting with Aurifil Brillo metallic thread
  • Hoffman digital printed fabric for the backing
  • Self-empowerment

And you know, because “M” for Molli, right? What’s in a name? Apparently, everything! Someone recently had the gall to suggest that my beautifully innocent name was also a drug reference. Well clutch my pearls and scream Peter Paul and Mary! I’d never thought of such wildly ecstatic things.

Here are all my boys showing off my quilt’s big ole back side. It’s always important to have impressive views of both top and bottom.  Oh, and to make all of them do your bidding bedding. Seriously, how crazy appropriate is that Hoffman print? It meets all of my rainbow, neon, strobe light, disco, glitter, gay fantasia requirements. Check, check, and check.

Now flip me over because I am done with another work in progress.

Divas Alphabet Pattern

5 Responses

  1. Dorothy says:

    Absolutely love it !!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    This is very cool, I love how the different colors pop against the dark background.

  3. I love the sparkle that the photographs capture of your quilt! Congratulations on the finish, award, and having a fabulous couch quilt.

  4. Paula Denanett says:

    Congrats! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love the word puns this week. Quilt is beautiful. Especially the verso

  5. LOVE THIS QUILT! awesome that you used brillo! Congratulations on your win!

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