Sunday Stash #248 – Orbiting Around

I read a quote from Sarah Fielke over the weekend that reconfirmed everything I believe about the world. In the introduction to her book, Quilting From Little Things, she writes:

Buy fabrics because you love them and because they make your heart sing, not because they have a specific purpose. One day, the perfect fabric will jump right into your hands from you cupboard, without you knowing the reason for which it was bought. These random discoveries are what make your fabric choices interesting and exciting rather than pre-determined.

Free Spirit Natural World Snow Leopard Designs, June Bee for Ink and Arrow Fabrics, Jay McCarroll for Free Spirit Center City

With that, this is where I’ll make the admission that my sewing life is in one of those downward swings (I said swings, not spirals!) Nearly six years in, and my whole quilting career has been at a palpable height. That is mind-boggling, and a lot of focused energy when I look back on it. For now things are quiet, and I’m allowing that, almost relishing it to be honest. I’m just stepping back out of the spotlight for a bright hot minute, and letting some of the new guys and dolls shine.

Free Spirit Natural World Snow Leopard Designs, Unknown, Jay McCarroll for Free Spirit Center City

I quilt when I can, and I know I’ll get to everything eventually. Life is never a straight line (how boring would that be!), so navigating the up-down-sideways-backwards momentum is ultimately the key to getting the most out of the ride. You wouldn’t want to stand in line for an hour-and-a-half only to get to the top of the first roller coaster peak and then get off the ride! Gimme the full loop-di-loop, thank you ma’am!

Unknown, Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman Shimmer On

I know in the coming days, weeks, months, the fabric I have collected will still be there ready to be fully realised for the multitude of projects yet to transpire. Until then, I’m allowing myself just to be, free of judgement and expected timing. Just this week I finished my first quilt of 2018 (which only took seven months to finish!), and I think (design dilemmas) I’ve got another quilt top completed. So yes, things are still happening in the studio, and the orbiting spheres, just not at the same previous paces.

Free Spirit Anna-Maria Horner Mod Corsage, Windham Fabrics Heather Ross Mendocino, Free Spirit Anna-Maria Horner Mod Corsage

Do trust when I say that my star has not dulled, it’s just currently shining low in the southern sky. I’ll make sure it’s right back into your orbit when it’s ready.

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5 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Life cycles and you don’t want to burn out like a comet! Taking time recharge and let ideas germinate is a good thing! Sometimes just roaming around and petting the fabric is the best. @susansquiltstudio

  2. Dana G says:

    I totally get it. Thanks for organizing the Honey Pot Bee last year. I loved the blocks & learned a lot. Actually, when December was about half over, my sewing hit the brakes, but I plan to get back to finishing Dec. blocks & putting my quilt together. IN DUE TIME….God knows when, but I know eventually it will be done. Take care & thanks for the quilting inspiration.

  3. Nancy says:

    Nothing good comes from a plant that is not nurtured, fed and watered. So Mollie take some time for yourself. Quilting mojo can’t be forced and sometimes you just have to let it regrow. Genius takes inspiration. It will return. Take care

  4. Dorothy says:

    Love you, your blog, your ideas, and your stories. Take care, be brave, and know that the quilting world is waiting for your “comeback”. “You” are the most important thing to “You”

  5. Wanda says:

    Seasons, that’s what it is about. Learning to enjoy each one in turn. If we are fortunate to live long enough we get to experience them as they come and go. When I was a girl growing up in East Texas I could not imagine fooling with all those little fabric pieces from which my grandmother made quilts. Sewing clothes for my three girls and myself kept a lot of years busy, with crochet, embroidery and a number of other things filling gaps. About 25 years ago I mended my favorite old quilt from my childhood days and given to me by one of my dearest forever-in-my-heart friends. And there I went!! Mending, lap quilts for Mother and others, sashing old friendship blocks for community friends, reading, learning, adding to my stash, USING my stashes (which really does not diminish that I can tell, but multiplies and grows whether I buy fabric or not…..a life of its own it has!)

    I am slower now but I mosey on down my creative road, being thankful that I can. Much older than my grandmother was when I observed her scraps, scissors and needles and not as mature as when she went to Quilting Heaven. The thing is….I have figured out that I probably won’t last long enough to eventually “get to” all I want to “get to”. But I will just keep moseying on.

    Thanks for last year, Molli, and all who shared and continue to share our Bee Blocks. God bless us every one. ❤️. 💋. 🎉

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