Sunday Stash #245 – Candy’s Quilting

There aren’t too many places you can pick up fabric in Manhattan, so when a new shop opens, it’s a relatively big deal. Candy’s Quilting is the latest fabric shop on the New York City scene. Located in Chelsea on West 22nd St, it’s very much in the thick of things. It’s laid out like a fancy schmancy design store with fabric on pedestals, and many bolts vying for the spotlight. The polished concrete floors, track lighting, and white shelving allow the pops of fabric colour to serve as inspiration. You won’t find wicker baskets of miscellaneous ribbons collecting dust next to last year’s feedsack favourites here — oh no, no, no. Leave your country cravings at home, because y’all in the City now. This place is slick as sleet, and I love it.

Maybe it was my mood on the day, the neon lights of NYC, or simply the name of the shop, Candy’s Quilting, but my fabric purchases on the day were full of bright, saccharine hues. I ended up pulling a lot of Libs Elliott’s collections due to their saturated colours and metallic punches. What a talent this lady is! Hey Libs, um, someone might have a friendship crush on you. **looks at the ceiling while twiddling thumbs** But hold on a hot like dynamite minute, because is that Denyse Schmidt all wrapped in yellow? I’m not normally one for stripes (or even DS), but when it comes at me like a neon bolt of lighting there ain’t no stopping it.

This black, Pollack-esque number (Dark Matter in Black Metallic from the True Love range, also by Libs) was quick to high jump into my cart. As I did a twirl through the shop, I then discovered this new range by Cloud9 called Glimmer Solids. This particular gold yarn-dyed colour way was a perfect match, and inspiration was quick to strike. If you follow my Instagram (molli_sparkles) you may have already seen these fabrics coming to life with some half-square-rectangles. I’ve found that the Glimmer Solids curl a bit when ironing, which I assume is because of the metallic bits in them. It’s no real drama as they still sew together fine, but something to note. Also, they have a bit of a rough and tumble texture that I think will wash up incredibly soft. All that to say, that I’m getting my 70s porn star vibe ready to launch!

With all that madness of colour, my eyes needed a quick break, so I pulled in some of the low volumes to balance everything out. Those stars are from Michael Miller, and those date stamps are one of my new favourite fabrics ever from Heather Givans’s Literary collection. I had found the library cards at Gotham Quilts, and now I could finally add this one to my stash as well. I’m completely impressed by the ingenue of this motif.

I had originally asked for a half yard cut of Lib’s Flash of White from her True Love collection. All those hand drawn stars and other tattooed elements had me swooning. However, Candy (yes, of Candy’s Quilting, obvs), was like, “Molli-Molli, buy yourself a vowel, because you’re gonna need more than a half yard.” Okay, then give me two yards! I’m such a fabric pushover! But seriously, this is ripe for the novelty, fussy-cutting adventure! Pop a bit of this into any project, and it’s like you’re sending a handwritten note to a lover. Mr. Lover-Lover!

Then it was back for some more candy crush! This time though I had some novel thoughts on the brain. I found myself immediately attracted to unicorns and ice creams. However, it was a Tuesday, so that’s not surprising. Another fellow shopper was buying those unicorns in every colour way, and I was like, “Gurrrl, you are in it to win it.” Also, if you haven’t seen Latifah Saafir’s latest collection Double Dutch for Hoffman, you’d better double down and take a peek. Shown are Ice Cream Truck in Navy and Waffle Cone, which if you ask me are all sorts of delicious. How fab does this little bundle look together though?!

It wouldn’t be a fabric shopping trip without throwing in a little Alison Glass. Can you even believe I didn’t get into loving Ms. Glass until this year? That’s like me not knowing Cartier sell diamonds. It’s just all too ridiculous to believe. Anywho, these pieces are from Seventy Six (the colours are almost burning my eyes, they’re that good) and the famous Ex Libris Art Theory panel that we just all can’t get enough of. I’ve even heard they’re reprinting it!

So that was that! A big morning of shopping at Candy’s Quilting which was more than digestible! Oh, and I must comment here that Mr. Sparkles rated their Boyfriend Chair the highest on the whole trip. They have a freakin’ couch with a mobile charging station for all your devices. I was able to drop Mr. Sparkles off at the couch, consoled by everlasting screen time, and then shop as long and as dutifully as I wanted. After nearly three hours, we both owe the Candy’s Quilting Boyfriend Chair a debt of gratitude!

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8 Responses

  1. Wow, the environment there sounds delightful! That waffle cone print is super awesome, it fools my eyes and looks so 3D every time.

  2. AJ says:

    I am very fond of Cloud 9’s Cirrus Solids; beautifully saturated colors with a super soft feel. I just bought a half yard cut of Glimmer Solid in silver for a holiday project. It is much more pliable and soft than I would have imagined for the amount of shimmer. I think I need some in ever color!

  3. Deb says:

    Molli – can you tell me more about the Michael Miller stars, what line they might be from really like them – actually like it all!!

  4. Tanya says:

    Oh Molli you have put a smile on my face on a Monday morning, i love reading about your adventures. Gorgeous fabrics cant wait to see where they appear 😆

  5. Patricia says:

    Your fabric choices are so beautiful! What an eye you have! Thank you for sharing! So pretty!

  6. helen says:

    three hours! That rivals my daughter’s three hours in Top Shop, Oxford Circus, London, which was my hell on earth. Great to know a new nyc fabric shop, I am there occasionally and think I have bought out Purl Soho entire stock over the last few years.

  7. Lina says:

    Very Nice Collection.Thanks for sharing keep up the Good work..

  8. diane says:

    So glad to have found this post! Heading to NYC on Wednesday and Candy and Gotham are on my list for Thursday.

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