Sunday Stash #244 – The last 27 minutes at Gotham Quilts.

Sorry for the delayed release, y’all! The entirety of the past ten days has been cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs level crazy. The place where I moonlight during the day had me in Melbourne all week. It’s all sorts of fab; Mr. Sparkles and I spent last weekend there soaking up the cocktails and shopping for diamonds. You know, a typical Sunday affair. I didn’t get home until this weekend, whereby I collapsed in a heap, and have been trying to regain my composure. I’ve shaken some of the moon dust off, and it’s time for me to finish my story.

I left you two weeks ago summing up the first half of my visit to Gotham Quilts in New York City. Thirty-three minutes in, and I had all of Jennifer Sampou’s Shimmer On collection on the cutting table. It was time to see what else I could pull out of this tiny little shop. As I say that, don’t let it its demureness suggest that there’s nothing to find here. As you’ll see from the rest of these photos, I scored some amazingly hidden gems! Up top you’ve got some of Alison Glass’s Seventy Six, Carolyn Friedlander’s Friedlander, and the New York City Map Passport Collection by Moda. I’m always on the lookout for really interesting low volume fabrics (and you should be too!)

As I stood in the middle of Gotham Quilts rifling through the fat quarter bin, (again, the clock was ticking) I pulled everything and anything that caught my eye. That’s how I shop: I grab all the things that I like, and then edit down to the pieces that I love on that day. Those last three words are important. Just because it doesn’t make it to the cutting table on one shopping trip, doesn’t mean it won’t make it on another. So like I was saying, I was shoving all these fabrics into Mr. Sparkles’s lap “Here: hold these, and don’t let anyone else take them!” Mind you, at this stage, no one else was in the shop, but you can never be too careful! After first finding the low volumes, minutes 43-51 were spent pumping up the volume with these beauts. More Moda and Carolyn Friedlander, but also Alexander Henry’s A Must Stache Denim (brilliant name!), Tokyo Milk’s Oceanus in Aqua, and Heather Givans’s Library Cards on Loan. I’d been looking for that last one for a while, so I was thrilled to add it to the collection!

By this stage Mr. Sparkles was squirming around in the boyfriend chair, “C’mon, c’mon we gotta go!” Then, as I did a final lap in the final minutes, I found this Alexander Henry “Heavy Equipment” from their pin-ups collection. I bought the remainder of the bolt, which is so unlike me, but half-naked men on fabric trumps all the typical shopping rules! Look at that helmet-head: hard, red, and shiny, makes ya just wanna reach out and uggghhh. Most certainly, indeedy.

As I carried that final bolt, and Mr. Sparkles brought all of the fabric he was protecting for me to the counter, I knew I had done well. No fabric basket or shelf had gone un-grazed. I didn’t buy the whole shop down, but I certainly got more than I came for! What a way to fill an hour of power at Gotham Quilts!

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  1. A whole hour in there, that would be such a luxury for me, the meter ticking, Hugh waiting. and then excess luggage maybe!! Lovely fabrics, you chose so well.

  2. Paula Denanett says:

    Love the construction worker/architect in the hard hat fabric!! A little of that fabric placed well will go a long way to make a fabulous block. Lucky you to have found it

  3. From gorgeous low volumes to brights to fun and sexy prints… definitely a successful hour and a great shopping trip!

  4. Nice finds! I love that library card print. Diamonds sound fun and it’s wonderful hearing about the yes vote!

  1. November 28, 2017

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