Sunday Stash #241 – (No) Fabric Left Behind.

So I have a little success story to share with you today. I spent this past week in Hong Kong, and I didn’t buy a single piece of fabric! Wha-wha!? I know, right? I even managed to find a fabric shop, I went in it, I perused the shelves, and I walked away empty-handed. That’s called self-control people, and apparently I still have some of it buried down deep. I’m obviously tapping into the reserve tanks, so I need to make sure I get them filled with some healthy distraction soon.

However, I didn’t have it when I went to Wal-Mart in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I’m not normally a Wal-Mart fabric buying person (no hate!), but as I was shopping for my Pop-Tarts, I wandered into the fabric aisle. I found this funky, illustrated airplane fabric for the collection by Emma & Mila, so I picked up a third of a yard for like two dollars! What was even better, I found this fat quarter of metallic anchors stuffed in the display without a price. I asked the friendly Wal-Mart customer service representative at the cutting counter (and then I laughed) how much it was. “Oh someone left that here, you can have it,” she says to me. What type of crazy person leaves behind fabric? So obvs I stashed it in my back pocket and tried not to look like a thief as I walked out the front door!

And if you must know, brown sugar and cinnamon Pop-Tarts.

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9 Responses

  1. Libby says:

    Lovin’ the airplanes. Score! I would have left the (tacky) anchors there too.

  2. Shelly S. says:

    I, too, have bought that airplane fabric, as well as a coordinate and some of their crazy Waverly solid cottons. It is for a banner/pennant garland, so it won’t get washed a lot or get played with. They also get some REALLY cute FQ bundles, so check them out if your store carries them.. There is one with fireflies that is the bomb!

    Sometimes it is all about the design.

  3. lisa says:

    As quilters, we can always see the possibilities in fabric.

  4. Paula Denanett says:

    Did I miss something at Walmart? I didn’t know that they carried fabric by the yard. Thanks for a heads up

  5. I like the anchors, perfect for a bag to take to the beach. and the planes look like some special quilting will set them off really well. Very restrained indeed!!!

  6. Julie Dunn says:

    I didn’t know there were any other type of Pop-Tarts! 😉

  7. Well now, you got the air and sea all covered in one trip to Walmart, well done! Thank you hosting SS!

  8. Patricia says:

    I like both fabrics – nice finds! Thank you for your fun writing style and for hosting!

  9. ABKJ says:

    Love your blog!

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