Sunday Stash #236 – Dear Future Molli: 02

Dear Future Molli,

I’m writing to you from 09 September, 2017. Mr. Sparkles is watching the original version of the movie “It.” I just can’t, my vapours would go all askew! So tell me, did you get out of New York City without having to get your extra suitcase out? I’m sure you loved walking through the streets of NYC, with fabric bag after fabric bag tossing in the breeze and Roy Orbinson’s song Pretty Woman playing from a nearby boombox. You really were working it like Jenny from the block, weren’t you?! I hope you found fabric for your cushions from Mood, what a memento that will be!

So this is your second Sunday away, which means you’ll be in Foley, Alabama with Grandma Sparkles. You’ve got nine days there so make sure you take some time to do some sewing together. Oh, and remember that interview feature you were going to do with Grandma Sparkles. What were you gonna call it, “Cocktail Hour” or “Wine Time with Molli Sparkles”? And weren’t you scheduled to speak at the Pensacola Modern Quilt Guild yesterday? I’m sure they all loved you, but stay humble!

If you get the time you should also teach a class or host a fabric shopping trip while you’re there. Remember, you’ve got the extra suitcase: now is the time to use it!



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4 Responses

  1. Enjoy that time with Grandma, get in some special shopping, and bring home an overloaded suitcase or three.

  2. Paula Denanett says:

    Can’t wait to see what fills up the extra suitcase. I’ve gotten stuck on the soft pastel palet lately. You seem like you would be attracted to something bolder and audacious.

  3. Nancy says:

    Molli I hope you are having a great trip and have some delicious sewing time with Grandma Sparkles. I hope we will get weeks of lovely fabric purchases to enjoy with your Sunday Stash. Cuz Molli this is one way to enjoy fabric without the dent in my VISA. Plus you have great taste. So… at the end of this will we get a tally of the number of quilt stores you frequented or is that kept under wraps.

  4. Patricia says:

    I hope you had some very special Grandma time….both of mine have long since passed….I wish I had interviewed them, known them when I was an adult……Looking forward to seeing what your suitcase comes home with!

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