Sunday Stash #232 – Silent Not Silent

Well this has been a month and a half. I’ve been relatively silent on social media for so many reasons.

  1. I didn’t have anything to say. – You won’t hear me say this very often so sop it up with a biscuit and save some for later because this could be a one time event!
  2. I haven’t bought any new fabric in weeks. – I just choked on my champagne a little bit typing that out. I really don’t even know what those words mean, and yet there they are. Trust that I’ve got my eyes set on a few things (see image below).
  3. I had two paid writing assignments to complete. – You can catch me on the regular writing for Make Modern and Textile Fibre Forum, also my two fave reads!
  4. Mr. Sparkles was admitted to hospital emergency due to severe gastro and dehydration. – He’s currently on the mend. However, how would you feel after twelve-and-a-half years together you could only legally write “partner” in the relationship box of the medical forms? Meanwhile, you’re physically holding him up while he’s dry retching into a vomit bag. Please, tell me my relationship isn’t worth as much as yours. Go on. #marriageequality
  5. I’ve had a few more work trips throughout Australia. – These are going to become more frequent, so it looks like I need to hop aboard that EPP train!
  6. Which has led to me getting a promotion at work! – Now, not only am I a quilter extraordinaire, but I’m also the Australian national facilities manager for the largest tech company in the world. I fix things, but I’m not tech support.
  7. I’ve been readying four quilt finishes. – Did I say I needed to join the EPP club? Looks like I’ve got more than enough binding to keep my nimble fingers busy over the next few months! Three quilts are on their way to the long armer, and I quilted one myself, much to my chagrin (maybe).
  8. Mr. Sparkles and I are coming to the US! – This has been an epic planning mission, but we are hitting Tulsa OK, New York City NY, Foley AL, Pensacola FL, and Las Vegas NV! Where are you going to be in September, because I might just see you there?!
  9. I grew a beard. – Molli Sparkles: a true bearded lady.
  10. I did have some things to say. – They just needed to be bottled up until they could all come out at once. The Sunday Stash link up is once again ready for you to hit it up style!

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24 Responses

  1. Oh Dear, I hope Mr Sparkles is well and truly on the mend. That is true love when you empty the vomit bag!! Down here, my man had a fall, he tripped, catapulted about 6 feet, landed on his right shoulder, broke a bone, had the ambulance, rang a friend, and then the fire brigade came, and used the body board!!! So after 2 weeks , I am not really into the quilty stuff much at all,, and not flying hither and thither like you are. Publishing, well done, off to the US, Wow!!!, And I could choke, as I actually did buy some fabric for a QAL. Do you quilt on a domestic or have a long arm? I now have a Gammill short arm, it just needs a whole lot of TLC. The frame ( rails and runners in very good order) is made from Australian Jarrah!!! Yes, truly, and it was originally in Perth. The lady who lives about 5 minutes from me is selling her home and moving back there. It was very reasonable/ cheap/ a bargain depending on how much I spend to get it running again.So I live in hope that I can master the what I have called “GG ” after my Mum’s names, Grace Gold. She was a sewer, a trained dressmaker, and would be in more than 7th heaven to see the machines and fabric we have today. Take care, both of you, with very fond greetings from over here in NZ.

  2. Sandy says:

    Sure hope you are doing better, and, up and running around. Now, where and when are you going to be in Tulsa, Ok, my home town? I can’t wait to find out so I can get a seat up front so I don’t miss a thing.

  3. Deb M says:

    Wow!!! I do hope Mr. Sparkles is well now. Molli, you have been missed.

  4. Kathy E. says:

    I want to see a pic of that beard! A bearded Molli Sparkles?? I do hope there are a few sparkles in it. Mr. Sparkles is lucky to have you, especially when he’s retching away in the hospital…hope he heals and mends quickly. What fun to be in the US during September. I don’t live near any of those spots, but wish I did now! Welcome back!

  5. Carrolyn v says:

    Only wishing you and Mr. Sparkles the best from the Pacific Northwest of the U S. I can only imagine your pain…we here in the US are suffering our own national nightmare! I can’t imagine the pain and fear going through so many immigrant, gay etc families living productive lives, having honorable, hardworking careers etc and being soooo disrespected by our present crazies in govt. I never thought I would live to see the acrimony and insanity on so many issues from our leaders….times have to get better, I pray! What is especially unsettling is it is causing the truly bigoted to come out publically and think they are the majority voice. They are NOT! Thank goodness for crafty outlets and fabric stashes to pet and be comforted by. Be strong….I know you are. I have missed your blogs.

  6. Mary Ann says:

    So glad Mr. Sparkles is in the mend but gnashing my teeth with you over ‘partner’. We are in the middle of our own horrors here and everyday brings more and fear and loathing for what he who shall not be named brings upon the most vulnerable and needy. Glad I have my fabric and a worldwide web of like mind people! ❤️💙💚💜

  7. Going through tough times with a spouse can be soooooo hard. My husband is also currently recovering from a scary situation and it’s going to be months before we know if he’ll have permanent lung damage. I am extending some good vibes, love, and healing thoughts for Mr. Sparkles and you and I both need to sort out some self care to keep ourselves sane, too, OK? Congratulations on your promotion at work, and I know I am going to be looking forward to seeing those quilt finishes as they happen. 🙂

  8. Mari says:

    Oh, gosh, those are certainly good reasons to be away. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries sometimes. I hope Mr. Sparkles is on the mend! Holding the vomit bag is true love. Perhaps you could get married in Vegas? Don’t know what that would do for you in Australia, though. Looking forward to hearing about your American adventures! I’ll bet they’ll involve lots of fabric!

  9. this is why I am proud of my place where marriage equality has been possible for more than 20 years. Talking about my place I really hope one day you will be able to come to Canada.

  10. Pat says:

    Poor Mr. Sparkles! Glad he’s feeling better.
    When are y’all going to be in Foley, AL? My friends and I are not all that far away.

  11. Katie says:

    Congratulations on your promotion! I hope Mr. Sparkles is on the mend. Yes you do need to get married. I hope the powers that be come to their senses soon. My nephew and nephew in law are married (In NJ), but I worry about them when they travel. Not everyone is going to be nice about it. Too bad some people don’t just worry about themselves rather than try to butt in other people’s business.

  12. Katie says:

    Oh! And the beard is fabulous. 😀

  13. Nancy says:

    Awe Molli,
    You have had such a hard time. It is tough seeing someone you love so sick. And even as a nurse I have to struggle to hold barf bags – there is something about the dry wretch that sends my stomach churning. So that is true love. I know that it is frustrating about not being married. Hopefully Australia will progress to have gay marriage available soon. I hope you enjoy your trip – it will hopefully provide us with months of Sunday stashes!! Congrats on your new job and glitter up that beard so you can show us… don’t be shy.

  14. Sue says:

    Wow! What a post! Poor Mr Sparkles, that must have been such a worrying time for you both. Congrats on the promotion & yes your relationship is just as important & valid as everyone else’s. Take care 😘

  15. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Is Mr. Sparkles joining you on your trip to the USA? If so, does Australia recognize marriages that have taken place in other countries? Las Vegas is a really easy place to get a marriage license (no tests or waiting), and Nevada recognizes gay marriage. Just sayin’. Hope Mr. Sparkles gets his strength back quickly and you enjoy your many trips all over the place!

  16. Preeti says:

    I am so sorry, Molli. Sending best wishes to Mr. Sparkles and big hugs to you.
    I am near Washington DC, if you and Mr. Sparkles want to take a detour/day trip from NY. I’d love to meet with you.

  17. Giuliana Nakashima says:

    I got to marry a man why can’t you?! Makes me sick that “some” people are out there wanting to legislate who we can love. Just love. That’s my motto. Hope your love is on the mend. BTW, when you are coming to the U.S. come on over to Washington state! Check out some of our FABULOUS quilting stores–Calico creations (heavy on the creations she has a bigger better sale sections alone than most stores have for their entire inventory) and Quilting Mayhem (sounds like your kind of place!) Best to you both.

  18. Pensacola, 9/24 – 10/6. Are you up for a trip to A&E Pharmacy fabrics?

  19. Cleta says:

    Hope Mr. Sparkles get Better Better and Better. It’s sad that you cannot get married there in Australia, you told me something I didn’t know. I’m praying that one day All will see the light, LOVE IS LOVE!!!!!! Blessings

  20. Moira says:

    Glad to hear that Mr Sparkles is recovering. Congratulations on your promotion! Enjoy your September travels.

  21. Linda says:

    Going to be in Pensacola the week of September 23th. Any chance of meeting you?

  22. Leena says:

    Take care, hope Mr Sparkles gets well soon. Congratulations on your promotion and hope it gets less hectic for you. Looking forward to teh quilts.

  23. Maggie Gardiner says:

    Best wishes for Mr Sparkles recovery.
    And many thanks for the Singapore recommendations

  24. Rebecca says:

    I’ve missed you 😊 Glad you’re back 👋🏻

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