Sunday Stash #231 – Ska-Bopping

Rise and shine, it’s Sunday morning! That’s how I felt today as I rolled out of bed and zombie-walked to the coffee machine. My head was all “Let’s do this!” and my body was all, “Just five more minutttttttesssss.” Fortunately, head won, because now that I’m eight coffees in, today is going to be a fabulous day! I’ve put on some old skool No Doubt music, and I’m ska-bopping around the house.

What’s not to love when you’re surround by gorgeous fabrics such as these? My latest acquisitions include a few Cotton + Steel prints from 2015, and a Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller print from his Birds of a Feather range. I’m still trying to amp up my novelty fabrics collection, so I’m duly prepared for the novelty rapture. I wouldn’t want to be left behind simply because I didn’t have any teal kitty-kat-tigers in my collection. You’ve all been warned!

Have I told you lately how much I’m loving my fabric folded onto comic book boards? Well, I am. (That’s a little foreshadowing for what I want to show you next week!) So these two fat quarters were some geometric gems that I couldn’t leave behind. I’m not sure who they are, but I’m getting all shades of Bonnie & Camille and David Butler. Can you imagine if they got together and made sweet fabric love? It would either be a really ugly baby, or one of those that are so unusual they become supermodels. I digress.

But hey! Check this madness out! First, I find a Carolyn Friedlander Doe fat quarter scrummaging though the fat quarter bin at Sing Mui Heng. But then, I rounded the corner to the sale rack, and I find a whole bolt of Ladder Lines in Yarrow! I need more fabric backing like my fat ten-year-old-self needs another cupcake, but you know I bought five yards! I usually just buy four yards for fabric bakings, but at $6 per yard, who’s counting?!

So these are what I brought to the table, what about you? No need to hide, I can’t wait to see what you stashed this week!

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  1. Laurelle Coppard says:

    Nice find. Friedlander at $6. Ha ha. I just got an email from Fabric Shack, Carkai is on sale as well $6 so you know I had to get some. I still have to pay postage but the nice people at Fabric Shack ship 9 yards in one envelope for $23 US. Do you want some more? lol.

  2. I’m actually quite bad about buying enough yardage to have backing fabric on hand (and what I’m going to share today shows that: I tend to buy what I need when I need it). $6/yard is a great deal and I am starting to think more and more about larger yardage purchases.

  3. helen says:

    I think you can see inside my cupboard, or at least inside my head. I LOVE the doe collection, I have some hoarded away, mostly FQs and I have the C&S cat too. I am not a cat lady or particularly cat person, but I do love that fabric

  4. You really scored on the CF print! Looking forward to what’s in store next week with the comic book boards.

  5. Patricia says:

    Great fabrics! Smart girl – buying what you need when you need it! I’m slowly sewing through my stash with the goal of buying what I need when I need it. Grass is always greener…right? 🙂 Lovely fabrics! Thank you for sharing and hosting the link up!

  1. August 17, 2017

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