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Happy Independence Day weekend for all of my American Glitterati out there! I know there’s gonna be a full round of barbecues, home made ice cream, and fireworks, but make sure you take some time to reflect on the state of the Union. This is year 241, so really, we should be getting this right by now. Shady eye. Practice time is over, this is the realness of all dealness. Likewise, it’s time to start cracking into some honey, and turning all of our blocks we’ve been warming up with into a bonafide quilt plan!
Later this month, I’m gonna host the first challenge to get you thinking about your final quilt assembly. So I’m just saying right now: Think. About. It. Now, let’s sharpen our rotary blades and get on to July’s tutorials! Our first member of the royal court is a quilter I’ve been acquainted with for some time. We’ve had some great discussion, and I know you’ve seen her quilts take the modern quilt world by storm. I present to you, Queen Leanne from She Can Quilt! Here’s what she had to say about her choice:
I think  I will go with the Blended Scraps Block. I love this block and the quilt that I made sits on the end of my bed for regular use. I learned this block from Linda Rotz Miller who is credited and linked to in the tutorial and she gave me explicit permission to share the tutorial. This block is easy and fun, great for scraps or not, is very traditional but makes a really modern quilt too if you play with the colours a bit – there are photos of the quilt in the tutorial too.

Our next queen is also someone I’ve known from nearly the beginning of my journey. (As much as the quilt community grows, I love to see familiar faces!) Queen Jill, also known as Urban Polyester, is giving us some paper piecing realness on the tiniest of tiny scales. This will be a great filler block! Read on for what Jill had to say about her choice:

I’ve selected the Miniature Log Cabin by Cath at Wombat Quilts (only 3 inches finished!) I selected this block as it would be perfect for filling in gaps of the varied sizes of the blocks to date, and/or joining them together to make 6,9,12 inch blocks as desired. I have plans to make an entire quilt from this block, I only need 480 of them! You can see the original tutorial post, and pictures of Cath’s quilt here. I’m hoping Cath is OK with everyone being directed to her site that shows her work with this block and also has the download of the paper pattern. (I’ve sent her an email to give her a heads up). (Molli’s Note: Cath – Gurrrl, get ready!)

I will be posting my versions of the block over the month of July there and also in the Honey Pot Bee FB group. I don’t have a blog, but I’m @urbanpolyester on Instagram (the name is derived from living in Sydney and my love of vintage/retro fabulousness. 

As for me, I consider myself very much a newbie/dabbling quilter, with a particular love of both paper piecing and English paper piecing. I live in Sydney with my two cats Angus and Stirling (Scottish Folds) who enjoy lying wherever I’m working.

I love modern quilts in all their permutations and meeting and interacting with other quilters, as they inspire me to think outside the box and actually make things that are tangible, tactile and beautiful – my day job is all spreadsheets, terms and conditions and IT stuff, so it’s a great contrast. I’m also firmly of the belief that collecting fabric is a hobby in and of itself, but I’m trying to actually use my stash this year wherever I can, as the exchange rate isn’t what it used to be.

Wombat Quilts Miniature Log Cabin



IG: @urbanpolyester

I love both of these choices so hard! Someone bring me some cold water to put out these fires! You are really going to be able to make some fireworks with both of these tutorials, and I can not even wait to see what you piece together. Again, enjoy the long weekend, stay safe, and keep it sparkling!

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  1. I’m actually thinking I might make these blocks this weekend. After a few months of squeaking in at the wire, that’s exciting!

  2. Leanne says:

    So lovely to be featured with Cath, as I adore log cabin blocks too. It’s Canada Day today – and we are celebrating Canada’s 150 birthday, so having this slot in this lovely bee is even more sweet.

  1. July 5, 2017

    […] really think the selections for the July Honey Pot Bee Blocks are great filler blocks, and in my excitement, I quickly sewed up a few blocks and anticipate that […]

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