Sunday Stash #229 – One Last Trip

How many frustration dances does it take before you just start looking like a crazy person? I think I’m on that razor’s edge. I don’t like to apologise on my blog, but I have to send y’all some feels for being pretty much absent the last few months. It’s hard to type when you’re frustration dancing! Life has been a giant batch of scrambled eggs lately, and I’m holding on to the whisk for dear life. Hopefully, after everything shakes down, I’ll be left with a delicious quiche that will feed my soul (and wallet).

Thankfully, I still have some pretty fabrics to keep me company. Fabric makes the best companion because it looks good, feels good, and doesn’t talk back! One of these days (retirement?) I’ll have the spare moments to cut it up and make something worthy of its beauty. The selection I’m showing you today are the remainder of the pieces I gathered in Singapore. Up top some Cotton + Steel voiles and a Leicen basic. I scored all for about $5 USD per yard.

Remnant shopping always makes me happy. Little bits of this, and a whole lot of that; it’s always a surprise! I think I already have about every shade of this chartreuse / mustard / pickle / baby-poo colour of yellow-green in my fabric stash. Yet, I just can’t help from buying it all! I will gladly crunch down on a Classic Vlasic anytime-anyplace! Pickles for everyone!

What would a shopping trip be without adding to my signature pink collection? When I saw the Sarah Janes’ Wee Wander fireflies, I picked them up immediately. They’re pretty much a rarity these days, so I might as well stash those for a novelty-rainy day! The other two pieces of pink pizzazz reminded me of jewels that had to be acquired. When in Singapore, right? Speaking of, today marks my last work trip there for the foreseeable future, so I better buy up big! (<–Will I ever learn?)

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8 Responses

  1. Nice picks! I too am a fan of that baby poo colour. Safe trip home xx

  2. Paula Denanett says:

    Love the pinks!!!! You continue to make me smile on Sunday mornings. Thank you.

  3. Congratulations on making it to the final trip for a while. I hope things calm and settle for you for a bit after this, and have fun looking for more amazing gems on this last trip!

  4. Nicole says:

    Love the colours you’re showing. Those would look great in a quilt together.

  5. Nancy says:

    No worries Molli – don’t get too worried about Molli-light. We know you are busy and when you return full force you will leave us reeling. You always have the most interesting blog posts. So… until then….

  6. charlotte m. says:

    Nice fabrics. The pinks are my favorites. I was wondering where you got your photography degree? My daughter has a B of A in photography from SCAD.

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