Sunday Stash #224 – A Stable Home

Back and forth to Singapore we shall go! Check out these amazing fabric acquisitions that I got from an LQS closing down sale in Singapore. Timing really is everything! My Singa friend, Kate, had the skinny on the sale, so we rocked up together and made a small dent in their remaining stock holdings. Sad to see an LQS go, but I’m glad we could give these orphaned fabrics a stable home!

These two images are all from Kaffe’s Woven Stripe Collection. Can you believe that before this, I didn’t own ANY Kaffe? Like any, any. I don’t normally go for stripes, purely because I get cray’ about wanting all my directional lines to match up, and then it creates more heartache than pleasure. (I know a lot of you are like me in this regard!) However, the whole shop was marked down to Betsi’s Bargain Basement prices, and I figured now was my chance to jump on the Kaffe bandwagon. Plus, I dare you to Google “Kaffe stripe quilt” and prepare your eyes to be doing that Roger Rabbit meets Jessica Rabbit thing!

Of course I had to pick up some yardage of the Kaffe shot cotton collection as well. They only had a few colours, but thankfully, they’re some of my faves! Teal, magenta, then mixed together!? Slay me with a butter knife.

Their fat quarter bins were overflowing, so while I had to dig through hundreds, I think I walked away with a few fabric hits. Most of these also come from Kaffe (no idea on the collections), but I believe some of them are from fellow Rowan designer Brandon Mably. I must say, my knowledge of both is somewhat lacklustre, and I need to do some more research on the history of these jewels.

Again, what’s up with me and florals lately? I’m gonna start channeling Bette Midler soon! (ahem, Bed of Roses for life) But the colours! The overwhelming saturation! The bleeding expressionism! It’s almost too much even for me … what? Jokes! As if!

Finally, I threw in a little AMH as well for good measure, because why not? It seemed to fit right into the themes of the day. How beautiful are all of these together though? I feel like I literally shopped a successful fabric pull. I’ve sat all of these on the shelf together so I can make sure they are super comfortable in their new home!

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2 Responses

  1. Suz says:

    I had to snort at your Roger/Jessica Rabbit comment… it EXACTLY describes the reaction! How do you do it Molli??

  2. amy says:

    I haven’t seen that AMH print before – soooo pretty! I love mustard, but it’s so hard to have it done right. That did it right.

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