Sunday Stash #222 – Last Stop At Intrepid Thread

Whew, we are finally at the last stop on my fabric tour across the U.S.! Really, it’s a good thing because I couldn’t fit anything else in these big bags of mine! Whenever I am in California, I make an absolute point of going to Intrepid Thread because I have to see my friend Julie. She’s been there for me from the beginning, and probably encouraged my fabric habit in all the unhealthy ways. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and then a whole lot more of that one over there, ow! She recently relocated her warehouse of fabric, and she invited me over for a tour. I think I wandered through the aisles way too long (as I always do), while she was actually doing work (as she always does). After getting drunk on fabric, I stumbled out with forty different pieces, flashing the empty parking lot of all my bits! It was a full on episode of Quilters Gone Wild! I’ll show you the first half this week, and I’ll follow up with the rest next Sunday.

Flowers, not generally my thing. Anna-Maria Horner, not generally my thing. Then why oh why was I completely smitten with AMH’s Mod Corsage range? It’s gonna have to be one of those mysteries of the universe, because I’m digging it like a ditch!

Now these make a little more sense in my fabric world: pieces from Alison Glass’s Handcrafted ranges. (I believe these are mostly from Handcrafted 2). I preach the batik gospel all the time, so when Alison started rolling out her version of batiks via Handcrafted, I was completely on board. Strong graphic elements, lots of structure, tonal colour variations, with oomphs of saturation, you know I had to get me some of that!

That red and teal in the pineapple pattern? Ugh, I think I just peed my pants a little!

I didn’t pick any of these up on their first release because I wasn’t really in the mood. Since then I must have taken a few fabric Xanax though, because my mood is all about them now. How Molli Got Her Groove Back, indeed! Snap!

This top one is from Handcrafted Indigos, which is probably my least favourite. Remember, you don’t have to like all the things to like some of the things. But did I still take it home with me? Of course! I couldn’t dare separate it from its brethren, that would just be cruel! Mixed and matched with these other pieces, it will create a bit of good grief relief.

Finally, a total departure from Anna-Maria Horner, and Alison Glass with a bit of a Monaluna piece from the Wanderlust collection. It’s called Sky Poplin, and I love it because of the painterly vibe it’s laying out. The birds, meh, but those tonal shifts between the blues, and the pops of coral, egad, love me some of that! I’m thinking this would be gorgeous as a simple HST quilt combined with a creamy white. Add it to the list!

I highly recommend heading over to Intrepid Thread as Julie seems to be running a perpetual sale these days. There’s gonna be nothing left by the time I get to visit her again! Thanks for bearing with me as I slowly unpack this ever-expanding magic suitcase!

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  1. I would go over with a carry on bag, 2 changes of undies, a toothbrush, and come back with extra luggage galore!! What fab fabrics, I would find it so very hard not to get totally smitten with every one, Even your colours I do not normally choose look so gorgeous. When is your next foray to the beloved US land of fabrics?

  2. It sounds like you need to write some tutorials on packing and space management!

  3. Nancy says:

    When I travel I spend more on fabric. In my local fabric stores I feel as though I can always go back and get the little bit of fabric that I crave. And it is an addiction. But when I go away – there is no opportunity to return – so I don’t hold back. .5 meter here and .5 meter there. And it adds up. Also I love shopping in Canada, Britain – anywhere which sells fabric by the meter. In my head that extra 3 inches makes a difference. So Molli – I completely understand your need for an expandable suitcase. Isn’t it good that your luggage made it back to Australia along with you!!

  4. grannyonabroomstick says:

    I am gobsmacked as to how you will ever use all the fabric you purchase!!! I can only assume you work by the mantra ” WHEN I DIE – I WILL HAVE THE MOST FABRIC “

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