The Honey Pot Bee: March

Is it just me, or is the year flying by at a record pace?! Weren’t we just toasting the new year with champagne and fireworks last Tuesday? The marching of time is parading to a heavy beat, y’all. So much so that February disappeared without a trace and I didn’t get March’s The Honey Pot Bee blog post up and running in time. I’m currently on a bit of a holiday visiting Grandma Sparkles in Foley, Alabama before a weekend in Miami, Florida and then a week in San Jose, California. There will be a full trip recap, but for now thank you for understanding my preoccupation in getting this blog post to you on the first.

All that being said, I’ve got some doozies for you this month! Like I’ve said before, The Honey Pot Bee will be exploring all sorts of techniques and styles so that you have lots of options when choosing what to make. Alida from Tweety Loves Quilting sends some love with her As You Wish quilt block. At its core, this block is a paper-pieced envelope that could inspire a whole quilt. However, I encourage you to check out the many further options that Alida has devised with this block. She’s showing you geese, appliquéd love hearts and letting you become the creative director. I encourage you to fully explore all of the possibilities to suit your personal style.

As You Wish Block

Our other quilt block comes courtesy of Amy from 13 Spools. This modern take on a courthouse steps block is called Echo and couldn’t be further in design from the previous. Consider breaking out your solids or small tone on tones to give this block a lot of punch. Also, don’t be scared about the small pieces (trust Molli) because there are absolutely zero points to worry about lining up. There are two squares in the middle that align, but I think y’all can handle that. Thank Amy for her forgiving soul! Again, this block could be a whole quilt, with traditional nods, but your fabric choices will really spice it up!

Echo Block

I know a lot of you are wondering, “How in the holy hallelujahs are all these blocks gonna work out together?!” I know, I know! But right now, just enjoy the ride, and about half way through the year we will start talking about some design choices you can make to bring all of your blocks into a cohesive masterpiece! For now, wish me adieu as I’m off to Miami for some cocktails, oiled-up bodies, and dancing on the beach. I’ll touch base again once I’m back in Sydney. Until then, I hope to see your creations (I’ll be getting inspiration from YOU!) on Instagram using the hashtags below.




5 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you for putting this together, Mol 🙂 Be sure to have a gin and tonic for me while you’re there!!!!

  2. Quilter 501 says:

    Love, love, love these two new blocks! Such fun variations! Who says there is nothing new in the world? Off to the sewing room……

  3. Thank you Molli for this bee which is just amazing! Again fantastic and inspiring blocks! If the colours match, all the blocks will make beautiful quilt. Time surely flies! I thought ‘oh, when it’s time to see the next blocks’ and now here they are. Have a great travel! Hyvaa matkaa! Καλο ταξιδι!

  4. Amanda says:

    I am in love with that cure envelope!
    So mane applications come to mind, Thankyou again

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