The Honey Pot Bee – It’s Your Lucky Day

Where does one even begin after coming back from holiday? My goodness gracious, lollipops. I’ve been thumbing through the thousand and one emails, organising the bejesus out my sewing studio, martini, martini, martini, and taking a few selfies here and there to keep myself from admitting that it’s over! Miami. Ugh. ‘Til death do us part! But next time, I’m going to check out your guncle, Fort Lauderdale, as I hear he’s got even more to offer! Holla!

Speaking of, I’ve got some nice offerings for all those sewing to the beats of The Honey Pot Bee. Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, so maybe we consider this a little bit of luck for you, eh eh? First up, an entirely new block to add to your quilt. This “2017 Block” is a paper pieced block designed by Patty from Elm Street Quilts.

Happy New Year!  I’m Patty and live in lovely North Carolina.  You can find me at my blog: Elm Street Quilts or on Instagram as @elmstreetquilts.  Come visit anytime and check out One Monthly Goal, a monthly link-up with motivation to get your quilting goals accomplished.  I am seriously addicted to QALs and I am very excited to contribute a bonus March block for The Honey Pot Bee.  The 2017 block could be used as a block on the front of your quilt or be tucked on the back for the start of your quilt label.  I can’t wait to see what you make!

2017 Block



IG: elmstreetquilts

This is going to be a great block for all of us as we can remember what a year we’ve had creating this cray-cray quilt! I’ll definitely be including this block somewhere, and I’ll probably need to use some metallic fabric to bling it up. Did someone say bling? Oh that’s right, I forgot where I was for a minute. Thank goodness, I have the lovely Heulwen Price from The Itinerant Chemist to back me up with a funky idea! She’s been putting a few of her own creative spins on The Honey Pot Bee blocks each month.

Crystal Crown Mod



This bejewelled number is called her Crystal Crown Mod, which adds a paper piecing element to my original Sew Royal Block. You can go to her site to download the paper piecing pattern for the rainbow-jewelled crown section. Then you just insert it below the split-QSTs you make from my pattern. What a wonderful mod, and even if you don’t make the crown, this would be an amazing border for any quilt. Make sure you snap this one up immediately! By the way, she’s got another mod scheduled for release next week, so keep your eyes peeled on The Itinerant Chemist, or the Facebook group for all the deets.

So there you go! How’s that for a little post-holiday pattern-palooza posted on a holiday? See what I did there? Oh-so-meta, Molli!

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  1. Maria Porter says:

    Lovely. Have to put the thinking cap on, and go searching in the stash.😊

  2. Thank you, Molli! <3 Looking forward to doing the 2017 block already! Think I might even need to do two! 😀

  3. Thank you Molli for the surprise, new fantastic block and the add for the crown!

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