Sunday Stash #216 – Mistress Round Elements

I have always liked to have a little bit of everything. People regularly say, “quality over quantity.” To which I have always pondered, why can’t you have both? Just because I demand quality, doesn’t mean I can’t have a bunch of it! Right? That’s basically how I feel about fabric, and it’s especially how I feel about fabric when I buy it in all the colours. Le sigh.

These are three quarters of the Round Elements offered by Art Gallery Fabrics. Upon release, I wasn’t a huge fan because I was still dating Oval Elements, and I thought it would be kind of weird if I started hanging out with their fabric sister too much. Ya know? So I ignored their existence completely. Molli doesn’t have time for a mistress!

But Glitterati, these Round Elements are like siren vixens, I tell you! They have continuously popped up on my fabric journey here there and everywhere. So when my friend Kate offered to go halvsies on half yard cuts, thereby giving us both fat quarters, well, you see what happened. Of course, they appeal to my tone-on-tone tendencies.  However, I think Art Gallery could really pump up the volume by eliminating the white, and mixing some other colours in there.

Until then, I’ll still play with these, but I gotta make sure I keep Oval Elements happy too. So much fabric to play with, such little time. And I’ve just realised, if all this is true, I now have a fabric mistress. How did I get here again?

One more thing! Our winners of last week’s Black & White 2 giveaway (sponsored by the ever-fabulous Jennifer Sampou): Maggie & Alison. I’ve sent you both an email on how to get these goodies to you!

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4 Responses

  1. I like these and can see how they’d appeal to the pearl bracelet or C&S plus/stripe type aficionados, Molli. But I agree about other colors… they could go Ta Dot and add in contrasts or Lizzy House Jewels and do some gorgeous tone-on-tone! (Also, more of quality is always better! ; )

  2. Caroline says:

    Those comic boards work a treat!!

  3. Congrats to Maggie and Alison, the fabrics will be a delight. Quality, over quantity, that is often used for life expectancy when someone is old and frail!!! But for fabric, both is a good solution. Qualit y is @1, but having a huge stash, fabrics that give you ample choices, that is so necessary. Love those goodies you showed us today.

  4. Tish says:

    You know how it is, you see it every once and awhile and you politely say “hi.” Then the next thing you know, BAM, you’ve let it in your stash. Fabric just can’t help but be flirty and we are human and weak. Maybe keep them in separate storage so Oval Elements never has to find out that you are having a love affair with Round Elements. Or maybe introduce them. You might be surprised and they get along swimmingly and the three of you could make something beautiful together 🙂

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