Sunday Stash #212 – Unicorns and More

It feels so good to be home! I love that I can walk into my house and feel like I’m on holiday even when I’ve just come back from an overseas trip. While I love travelling, whew, I love my bed so much. For the past two weeks I have been gallivanting around Beijing and Singapore. It was my first time in Beijing, so I have a picture heavy post coming up this week to show you all about it. While I didn’t purchase any fabrics in Beijing, I more than made up for it in Singapore! With prices equaling that of the U.S., it’s really hard to say no. So I didn’t!

The one downfall of buying fabrics in Singapore is that you’re often limited by the availability. It’s basically, here’s what we got, take it or leave it. This doesn’t bother me that much as I buy fabrics because I like them, not because they’re fresh out of the gates. Hence the above: Sara Lawson for Art Gallery unicorns from Fantasia and the Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel braid from Honeymoon. These are both from last year, and while I could probably find them on sale in the U.S., the shipping charges would negate any savings. So I like to think I’m supporting the global economy!

While I don’t normally do stripes, I love the brushstroke quality of both of these Rashida Coleman Hale for Cotton + Steel gust prints from Zephyr. These would make great bindings, or a wonderful border print. Plus, I figured, I’m never gonna get to use stripes if I don’t have them in my stash, so into my Desperately Seeking Susan arms they went. While I’ve got you, take a moment to ponder that blue! If you’ve ever heard of Yves Klein, (if you haven’t, follow the link), it bares a striking resemblance to International Klein Blue. Which is undoubtedly why I love it so much!

Okay, finally, this sorta-but-not-tie-dyed, non-batik-but-could-be, Jackson-Pollock-monochrome-vomit craziness somehow came home with me. I know, it’s totally ridiculous, and it will probably end up in the pile of never used fabrics. However, that’s exactly why I had to have it! It’s like my challenge fabric to see which project or fabric bundle I can insert it into gracefully. Considering Greenery is now the Pantone COTY, maybe it won’t be so hard after all!

There’s still so much more to come, so please be patient as I unpack this magic, never ending suitcase of love!

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8 Responses

  1. This is all so pretty!!! Even the vomitus 😉

  2. There really is no bed like your own bed. Welcome home! The stripes to beg to be an amazing binding.

  3. Those stripes are just gorgeous! I loved that whole collection. Nice picks!

  4. Hilary says:

    Love the stripes, and the crazy vomitish looking ones are weirdly awesome!

  5. I see lots of beautiful flowers in the batik-like fabrics! Great choices actually!

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