The Honey Pot Bee: Royal Appointments

Clink! Clink! Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you have your champagne chilled and ready to pop those corks at midnight! Just make sure no one is within popping distance, you don’t want any unplanned visits to the emergency room. I prefer a subtle hiss when opening my champagne, but to each their own. Considering the state of affairs for 2016, and the magic that 2017 will be, several bottles have been arranged. On tonight’s menu I’ll be exploring the Champagne houses of Piper-Heidsieck, Tattinger, and Ruinart. I obviously can’t drink them all right at midnight, so I might as well start now! Ow!


Before I let all those bubbles go to my head, I must share with you the final round up of Queens and Kings for The Honey Pot Bee. There’s such a wide range of talent, interest, skills, and experience amongst this group of people. Because of this, expect lots of variety in the blocks you’ll be making (even though I don’t know what they will be yet). However, don’t let that variety or mystery freak you out! Right now, just relax into making some new blocks as we relax into the new year with our glass glasses of champagne!


As a reminder, the January tutorial links will be posted on Wednesday, 04 January AEST, which because of the time difference is Tuesday for most of the world. I always like to say that I live in the future! You’ll be able to find them here at Molli SparklesThe Honey Pot Bee Facebook Group, the #TheHoneyPotBee on Instagram, following me on Bloglovin’, or signing up to receive my blog posts by e-mail (enter your address in the sidebar field).

So without further ado:

Angie – Gnome Angel
Molli – Molli Sparkles

Adrianne – On the Windy Side
Fi – Living Cloth

Amy – 13 Spools
Alida – Tweety Loves Quilting

Audrey – Hot Pink Quilts
Kitty – The Night Quilter

Julie – Intrepid Thread
Collin – @CollinFellows (Postponed)

Peggy – @peggypirillo (*NEW*)

Alyce – Blossom Heart Quilts
Debbie – Assemble NJ

Leanne – She Can Quilt
Jill – @UrbanPolyester

Sam – Hunter’s Design Studio
Rebecca – One Wee Bird

Sarah – No Hats In the House
Erin – Quilt By Starlight

Kelly – Jeli Quilts
Angela – @StitchyScientist

Kristy – Quiet Play
Marni – Frankenstein’s Fabrics

Yvonne – Quilting Jet Girl
Isabelle – Teach Sew Love

14 Responses

  1. Amoreena says:

    Oh, Molli, must I show you how to open champagne properly?! Kisses my friend. I’m bracing myself for 2017. Personally, 2016 was a great year, so I’m kinda sad to see it go!

  2. Happy and Sparkling New Year Molli! You’re in the future, here it’s still ‘old year’ for few hours! I’m looking for this fun bee and the list of the Queens & Kings is exciting! x Teje

  3. How exciting and Happy New Year!!

  4. Beth LaMotte says:

    Your champagne choices sound DIVINE! I’m looking forward to this new quilting adventure! Gosh…January 4th seems so far off…hmmm, I think I will make some more wild card blocks while awaiting the new block. Now…what material to use…decisions, decisions. Happy New Year ya’ll!

  5. Enjoy that Bubbly, and so many New Year Happiness Greetings from across the ditch/pond/ stretch of water that separates our two countries!!! So looking forward to all honey goodness. Have a great year, and I will be waiting for the 4th.This is going to be a wonderful way for us to meet new quilters, find new challenges, and have all those blocks to enjoy.

  6. Beth LaMotte says:

    Okay, is it the 4th yet? Geez!

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