Sunday Stash #206 – Delicious

Last week we were in Sydney, and now I’m gonna switch gears entirely and bounce on over to Singapore. Remember that trip I took way back in October? Remember how I said I bought a mountain of fabric? Remember how it’s been living in my sorting chair since then? Oh heavens of Betsi, it is time to start sorting through it. Now, you’re gonna have to forgive me for the somewhat inadequate detailing of exactly where everything is from, and in what order it was purchased. It’s all become some sort of fabric dust haze, and instead, we’re just gonna have to sit back and enjoy the fabric, mmmkay?

I grabbed these rolled fat quarters as I was standing at the checkout line of one of the many fabric shops I visited on my fabric tour of Singapore with Kate (IG: modernbasics). It was so sneaky! It’s like when they put candy bars at the checkout line at the grocery store. You totally don’t need any of them, and suddenly you see they’re five for ten dollars so you put ten of them in your cart hoping no one will see. Of course, you then run into Sally from the gym, who gives you all sorts of side-eye looking at the four Snickers, three Butterfingers, two Cherry Ripes, and the one Almond Joy you selected. Well you know what Sally, you can take your perfectly-toned-gym-bounced-booty back to Body Pump class, because I’m just gonna eat my chocolate bars. ALL. TEN. OF. THEM.
So yeah, that’s what this fabric is like, except without the calories. I’m not even sure what it all is! I know there are a few Cotton + Steel pieces, there’s the obvious Disco Dot, I think that’s Anne Kelle represented, and those look like Barbie glasses to me! But what I do know, it’s all delicious! So here’s a toast to finding and enjoying delicious fabric that suits your tastes: guilt free!


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  1. Nice mix! It’s like a tropical beach party!

  1. December 11, 2016

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