Sunday Stash #205 – Logan’s Patchwork

I had never been to Logan’s Patchwork Fabrics before Alyce showed up on my door step. As she demanded the full Sydney experience, I felt obliged to dive deep into the quilt shop universe. Logan’s is set off the road in a cute little cottage hybrid factory building, and as we entered it started to rain. We saw this as a good sign, as we didn’t have umbrellas, which meant it was like the fabric gods were saying, “Go on in and shop a while!” It doesn’t really take much of a sign to convince us to shop for fabric!


I had set out on this day with a few offical items on my list. I always make sure to buy the unofficial ones first because life is just much more fun that way! However, upon entering Logan’s, I knew I was going to be able to draw some lines across a few things. The main thing I was after was some colourfully-saturated, tone-on-tone batiks. I like to keep my rainbow cupboard fully stocked, and Logan’s certainly came to the party.


I’m not a fan of the many brown batiks; brown has a limited, but still special place in my fabric stash. If you don’t have brown in your stash, it’s like painting without a full palette! Additionally, I don’t really get off on the ones that look like I’m ready for a Hawaiian luau. However, if you want to invite me to a luau, I’ll be there with whatever you tell me to wear! That being said, I did succumb to these yellow / yellow-orange numbers because I needed to expand that section of my stash. Sometimes you have to take a small hit for the safety of the team! Plus, the darker of the two actually radiates in person; just like all of you wonderful Glitterati out there!


Look at those fuchsia and green prints that are exploding with rich colour! Just in time for the holidays, too. (Not that I believe in holiday sewing, I actually abhor it! No one ever gets crafty gifts from me, champagne for all my darlings!) The green one feels like it could be in a Joel Dewberry collection, if I do say so myself. And self, I do say so! Mmm-kay! Alyce picked up a few items for her #100days100blocks quilt, but I stopped short at the batiks. Hey, I could have shopped all afternoon and well into the night, but the rain had abated, and that was a sign it was time to sashay away!

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9 Responses

  1. charlotte m. says:

    Beautiful batiks. Great colors.

  2. Hi Molli! Gorgeus colours on these batiks! Thank you for the party! x Teje

  3. Those bold, saturated colors are going to make some beautiful quilts! P.S. I’m a batik fraidy cat!

  4. Batiks are so easy to work with – they finger press like a dream and finding gems like these that are saturated and glow is always a great stash addition. 🙂

  5. Thank you for the linkup!

  6. Paige says:

    Oh, that fushia one is my fav! Lovely choices! Thanks for the great party as usual!

  7. Batiks are some of my favorites and seeing yours make me want to get started on my Looking Glass 2.0. You mentioned browns. I’m not a big fan of the browns. However, I am incorporating some of them too. It would be great to get into making batiks! Thanks for sharing your stash!

  8. Vicki in MN says:

    Love those batiks, great fabric choices;)

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