The Honey Pot Bee: FAQ

The response to #TheHoneyPotBee has already been so deliciously incredible! I was content with being the only person involved, and for some reason y’all want to sew along with me. Well, the more the merrier, I say! With word spreading like wild fire, there are already rumours playing out across social media. So I wanted to take the opportunity to reiterate some of the finer points, and clarify some things in this Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) guide. I will maintain this as a living blog post in The Honey Pot Bee tab at the top of the site. If you have any additional questions that need asking, send them my way!


Q: When does it start?
A: The first official tutorials will be posted on Wednesday, 04 January AEST (which will be 03 January most everywhere else). I know this cuts short a bit of your January time, but honey, it’s a holiday. I’m telling you now, I’m going to be nursing a New Year’s fireworks and champagne celebration hangover for a few days, so just take the extra time to get your sewing machines fired up!

Q: How are the Queens and Kings selected?
A: I have already pre-selected twelve people that inspire me. The other twelve will come from volunteers like you! There are lots of people waving their hands in the air, screaming “pick me, pick me!” So it looks like I’ll randomly select people from that list.

Q: Who are the Queens and Kings?
Angie – Gnome Angel
Molli – Molli Sparkles

Adrianne – On the Windy Side
Fi – Living Cloth

Amy – 13 Spools
Alida – Tweety Loves Quilting

Audrey – Hot Pink Quilts
Kitty – The Night Quilter

Julie – Intrepid Thread
Collin Fellows – @CollinFellows

Alyce – Blossom Heart Quilts
Debbie – Assemble NJ

Leanne – She Can Quilt
Jill – @UrbanPolyester

Sam – Hunter’s Design Studio
Rebecca – One Wee Bird

Sarah – No Hats In the House
Erin – Quilt By Starlight

Kelly – Jeli Quilts
Angela – @StitchyScientist

Kristy – Quiet Play
Marni – Frankenstein’s Fabrics

Yvonne – Quilting Jet Girl
Isabelle – Teach Sew Love

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It’s absolutely free, but if you want to send champagne, I won’t say no!

Q: How do I join?
A: Since you keep blocks for yourself, there really is nothing to “join” in the typical sense. The tutorials will be posted on my blog at the beginning of each month, so as long as you have access to the Internet, you are good to go! You are more than welcome to join The Honey Pot Bee Facebook group (tutorials also posted there), or subscribe to my blog via email.

Q: How do I subscribe to your blog posts so I don’t miss a thing?!
A: On the sidebar of the desktop version of my blog (e.g. viewing from a tablet / computer, and not phone) there is an email capture field that says, “Glitter Your Inbox.” Simply type your email address there and hit the “Push My Button” button. Done!

Q: How do I share what I make? Do I have to share?
A: You don’t have to share a thing, only what you are comfortable with sharing. If you decide you want others to have a peeksie, drop it on Instagram using #TheHoneyPotBee, or in The Honey Pot Bee Facebook group.

Q: How do I join The Honey Pot Bee Facebook group?
A: Click the link, request access, and I’ll approve you as soon as my hot pants allow. I’ve kept it as a “Closed” group to keep spammers out.

Q: I don’t have Facebook or Instagram, what do I do?!
A: If there’s something you want to share, just send me a photo and I’ll put it on my blog! Easy peasy!

Q: What do I do now?
A: Enjoy the holiday season! The first block tutorials won’t be posted until January, so until then, just sit back and enjoy another cocktail. You are royalty, after all!

Q: What’s the difference between a Queen/King and a Princess/Prince?
A: The Queens/Kings will be selecting the tutorials for the year, while the Princesses/Princes will be sewing their own versions which they keep for themselves.

Q: What kind of blocks and techniques will be used in The Honey Pot Bee?
A. Your guess is as good as mine! There are no real stipulations for the Queens / Kings except that the block tutorials be found for free online so that everyone has access. There will definitely be varying sizes, techniques and skill levels. However, there will always be at least two block options, so you can choose to make one, both, or neither block!

Q: Do I have to make all of the blocks?
A: Of course not! You can make one block for the entire year, or you can make eighty-seven of them. It’s your fabric, your time, your call.

Q: What if my blocks are not good enough?
A: There are no judgements here! Since you keep everything for yourself, you only have to please yourself.

Q: What fabric should I use?
A: That’s totally up to you, but some suggestions are: one fabric line, one designer but multiple fabric lines, rainbow, 2-colour quilt, neutrals, random, everything but the kitchen sink, solids, low volume, brights.

Q: What fabric are you using?
A: Whatever strikes my fancy on that day! I’m trying to keep my colour palette full of intense, saturated colours. If you’re familiar with the low volume style, think of the opposite, and that’s what I’m going for.

Q: Can my friends join in the fun?
A: You don’t keep fabulous a secret! Spread it around the office Christmas party!

Q: Where do I send my blocks?
A: SMH. Oh sweetie. Stop, and start again.

9 Responses

  1. Dorothy says:

    I am so into this–especially since we don’t have to post pictures (don’t know how), we don’t have to share, we can use what ever fabric we want to, we can make how ever many we want of what ever block we want to. It’s always fun to lurk and see what everyone else is doing. Thank you for
    so loose and easy 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    Oh if I keep my own blocks it’s not really breaking my promise to not join any bees this year ! This might be perfect for my Liberty stash

  3. Angelia says:

    This princess will have her tiara on, champagne in hand, and sparkles at the ready. I’m thinking the Molli Sparkles bundle might be a good place to start or maybe I will use my Marcia Derse stash or Allison Glass wonderfulness. Good thing I have time to decide.

  4. Shary Cohn says:

    I would
    like to join up if possible, I’m new to your site

  5. Lisa says:

    I’ve already got the champagne. I just need the tiara!

  6. Kate says:

    LOL at the last FAQ heehee
    Very excited to get cracking. Thanks for organising this Molli! <3

  7. Nancy says:

    I am so interested in this Bee. Never joined one online and since I have tons of fabric (and tons of time now I lost my job) I should be able to keep up (if my other projects don’t hold me back). Taking my sewing machine in for servicing right now…

  8. Mary says:

    I’m ready to sparkle in 2017! Would love to join in please xxx

  9. liz says:

    I’ve never joined a Bee before, but just saw some very pretty trees over at Quilting Jetgirl’s blog! I might be in if I have enough time… I’m going to try!

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