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Are you looking to add a bit of sparkle to your reading list over the holiday break? Well, then I’ve got just the thing for you! The latest issue of Textile Fibre Forum magazine hit news stands recently, and you’ll find my regular column, All That Sparkles on the back page. In this issue I discuss the non-importance of being modern with your quilting and/or fibre practice.


Remember to make what you love, and forego any nonsense about needing to be “modern” in order to be a respected art practitioner. I can’t believe I even have to keep talking about it, but modern does not beautiful make. Oh, and make sure you check out the captioned image, Little Bear / Ursa Minor which was made by my good friend, Anne Sullivan of Play-Crafts. She is a constant inspiration to me, so I was honoured that she let me reference her quilt in my article.


Secondly, and excitedly, I’ve been added to the list of amazing contributing writers for Australian digital quilt magazine, Make Modern. I’ve now got my own regular column there as well! (World, look out, Molli’s coming for ya!) Each issue, you’ll find me addressing the hottest of hot pants topics in my feature, Sparkle Like You Mean It. I’m going to be giving sage quilting advice by directly answering the questions you send to me. But hey, if you need some advice that ventures outside of quilting, bring it! I’m never one to shy away from serving up a kettle of truth tea, so I’ll give it to you steaming! In this issue, it’s all about the fabric, baby! There’s already been a ton of follow up questions, but please send the ones burning you in places they shouldn’t directly to me at I promise to soothe some of the over flow right here on the blog!


molli_sparkles_make_modern_bannerIf you don’t already subscribe, and just want to check one issue out, the lovely Make Modern team have given me a discount code for you to use! You can purchase Issue 14 for just $6.00 AUD by entering “issue14friends” at checkout (expires 1 February). After one issue, I know you’ll be hooked, and it will become a must-have just like the bottles of champagne stocked in the fridge!

3 Responses

  1. That’s very cool! Congratulations!

  2. Beth LaMotte says:

    I challenge all quilter’s to sew as if no one is watching, quilt as if no one is listening, add the binding and voila. Now the questions may begin such as, “Is it modern?” There is that word again creating a category. I personally don’t care to fit in a category. I find it puts too many limits on my creative process. We need to support and nurture one another as we venture out into this charming, eclectic and busy quilt world. Remember we were all beginners at some point and we must nurture our new quilters along with praise,helping hands and a generous spirit. To Mr. Sparkles, keep your articles coming. They are education and really stimulate neede conversations about many topics. Sparkle on…

  3. Paul says:

    Great column in Make Modern! Glad you now have a column to spread the glitter and the sparkle!

    You talked about not drinking and online shopping late at night. But you also mentioned that you need a colorful stash for that late night inspirational quilting. You didn’t give a warning about drinking and cutting! But that is an easy way to get into making wonky blocks!

    Let us know how we can help with your fabulous new column. Do you take questions?

    Congrats! keep up the great work spreading the word that you can be you when you quilt – you needn’t listed to the fabric police!

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