Ten Things on Thursday – 13

So here’s a champagne toast to all of you who had a fantabulous week! The scribbles on my to do list imply I got quite a bit done. Do you ever feel like there’s still a bit more you could have crammed in there though? Maybe I should start including sub-bullet points on there, and then promptly ignore them. I can’t decide whether to do lists drive me up the carpeted wall, keep me on track, or are the ultimate exercise in futility. At any rate, here’s a look at my past seven days.


  1. Have you seen the While She Naps article Language Matters: Making Quilting More Inclusive? It is the best piece of international journalism to hit the interwebs, since, I don’t know, The Washington Post’s coverage of the Watergate Scandal. Just call me Deep Throat! But seriously, it’s a great read, and the comments (on every iteration of its posting) will either have you smashing your face against a wall, crying for humanity, or spilling some truth tea of your own.
  2. Regarding the above: You think you know people until they decide the life they live is more important than yours.
  3. The #100days100blocks party is approaching its final hours! (Yes, I hear a lot of you mumbling, “Finally.”) For those that still have the dial turned up, it’s all about the right to assembly now. Will I sash, won’t I sash? Regardless, I know what I will do, and that’s sashay!
  4. I started a new improv project and my health (mental, physical, emotional) is better for it.
  5. I went to the dentist on Wednesday, and she gave my teeth a clean bill of health!
  6. December is my month as designer for the Blossom Heart QuiltsModern HST Sampler QAL. My 12.5″ block is made, and it is a floozy doozy! I used my Pattern Please bundle for it, and I’m currently working on the skimpy tutorial.
  7. Time for a comic board fabric folding extravaganza check-in! I’ve now used 200 boards, and it feels like there’s another 20,000 more to go.
  8. Mr. Sparkles and I bought a Christmas tree online this week, to discover the very next day that it had gone on sale! When I called their customer service team to request a refund of the difference, they flatly said, “Sorry we can’t do anything for you.” Ooooh, no, no, no, no. I’ve sent angry words to their inbox; I’ll keep you advised as the Christmas tree saga unfolds!
  9. I quietly dropped my Divas Alphabet Pattern on Craftsy this week.
  10. Are you saving yourselves for post-Thanksgiving Day craft sales? Share your most anticipated in the comments below! (I promise not to steal the deals right out from under you … or will I?!)

5 Responses

  1. My 10 things on Thursday are the beautiful, silky-so-soft fabrics of Liberty Lawn from The Strawberry Thief, that I won. Did you read your name on my blog? You and Robyn are both there, with LOTS of thanks. Those fabrics, 10 pieces, …teals and blues my fav colours, I am almost, well really so scared to cut into them. Maybe they will just have to sit and be looked at and patted every so often.I like your Thursday 10. Specially the tree price, What a ******

  2. Aileen says:

    Great post as usual Molli. I clicked through and read that blog post and comments. The issue of gender is very much in the front of my mind today. I am an academic and currently researching treatment of intersex people. Today I was reading an article about a case in 1850smwheremdoctorsmweremtrying to decide if this intersex man (self-identifying) was ‘really’ a woman. After examining him inside and out, they then turned to things like his height, complexion, sexual attractions (must be heterosexual, of course) and then they said that his love of colour and his enjoyment of looking at calico fabric and putting patches of calico together was an indication of his femininity. They decided he was ‘really’ a women. I laughed when I saw that quilting was taken as an unimbiguous indication of femaleness. What a f$&@ing world!

  3. Angelia says:

    “You think you know people until they decide the life they live is more important than yours.” Couldn’t agree more and that applies to so many issues other than this one! My husband also quilts and people assume he is “helping” me when I shop. If they were paying attention, they would notice that the subdued, traditional fabrics he chooses are light years away from my more modern, colorful aesthetic. Guess they’re assuming I have a split personality instead. ;-).

    I have found some great deals at ladybellefabric.com in the past and will definitely be watching my inbox for deets on post-Thanksgiving deals. In general, I will be on the lookout for some of Anna Maria Horner’s new Loominous II yarn dyes or some of the latest Alison Glass. I also love your Pattern Please bundle!

    I’ve also been doing a “makeover” of my stash but am using magazine boards. I am almost to 200 and have more arriving today. I need to finish soon because the process means that my sewing space is a disaster and it is seriously hindering my sewing mojo. Right before the holidays, no less; EEK!

    I am dashing over to Craftsy right now for the much anticipated Diva Alphabet! My goodness, don’t keep it quiet, Molli. It deserves fanfare, fireworks, and a cocktail!

  4. Trude Jackson says:

    I’m very curious regarding your reorganization of your stash… I love how it looks…but I was curious if you feel it saves space? LOVE IT!

  5. Another great 10 things (especially the dental update – I’m constantly nagging my kids about how “you only get one set!” lol). I commented on Abby’s post the first day it was up… interesting to go back and see what’s been added. The comments about just ignoring it/piping down/overlooking it seem especially discordant in light of other US events this week… : (

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