Sunday Stash #203 – I Don’t Like Mondays

Eeek! Totally, my fault! Sunday Stash is obviously a tad on the late side this week. I found it standing in line at the DMV trying to get its license changed to Monday Stash, but they were having none of it! Silly ole me scheduled the post for the wrong day, and I didn’t even notice until people started sending me search and rescue messages. It’s good to know Sunday Stash has become part of the furniture around here. Because really, who doesn’t love a worn-in, over stuffed recliner!? (Especially with Thanksgiving Day coming up, I’m gonna need two! One for me, and one for my handbag full of leftovers!)


Anywho, this was going to be a brief check-in for Sunday Stash anyway, as I’m in throes of reorganising my fabric space. Who knows where anything is anymore! I did find these collection of fabrics in the sorting chair though. Remember that famous day that Alyce and I did our fabric tour of Sydney. Well that’s the day that keeps on giving, as these come from Material Obsession.


The thing I love most about that little slice of heaven shop, is its variety. Remembering that the shop is not all that big, each room is like a Room of Requirement. As you’ll see from my acquisitions, you can get a little bit of everything under one roof. Alexander Henry, pastels with metallics (Victoria Findlay Wolfe), novelty prints, and some tidbits of Doe all came home with me.


I just have to say, regarding the Alexander Henry Jardin de los Muertos [Garden of the Dead] fabric, I don’t even know. It’s totally cray, but I was enthralled by the colours and saturation levels. What was I to do?! Another moment in cray history, yes, those are animals on my fabric. :::dramatic pause::: But, but, but it’s Charlie Harper, and that totally over rides any rules about animals on my fabric. So there you go, Sundays Mondays have never been so spicy!


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3 Responses

  1. Aileen says:

    I’m loving all the metallics that are trending right now. Those Victoria F-W fabrics are amazing. Love the day of the dead fabrics, I find myself grabbing them all the time, even despite the crazy colours. Great stash post, Molli 😀

  2. Sandra says:

    Glad I finally had the chance to check back and link up. Regarding the Alexander Henry, love! And I can’t explain why either, but I have some ‘cray’ pieces in my stash too, just percolating… Have to say I love your ‘sorting chair’. Makes me smile every time you write that. Harry Potter fan I am, and fabric nut too…now you see why.

  1. November 22, 2016

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