Sunday Stash #197 – Singapore Sling 03

This week brings a close to the fabric I picked up on my trip to Singapore. Let me just forewarn you that these are the pieces that are probably the most interesting, and therefore the hardest to photograph. When I go to new places, I always attempt to find fabric that I wouldn’t typically pick up at my LQS. Some people buy a post card, but for me, the fabric resonates as the memory. So after I frenzy-purchased so many of the fabric pieces I’ve already shown you, I was about to leave the fabric market when I saw a small little shop set off in the far corner. Outside their doors they had a cart of remnants, which I just knew would be my jam!


I pulled out these two prints called Great Wave from a fabric house I assume is called Shi Ru Shi based on the selvage. The base textile has a texture, and then the waves have the appearance of being block printed. I’m sure they’re not, but it feels extremely hand made, and a lil piece of originale!


Please excuse this dodgy photo, but these two prints are on a similarly textured base cloth to the previous Great Wave fabrics, except they are bright white. Then, the printing is NEON! Neon, folks! Gosh, how I am going to match these with anything else is beyond me, but neon! Someone meet me on Melrose Place because it’s 1995 all over again. Plus, not only is there neon, but those are like geisha ghosts. This has to be some of the most outlandish fabric I’ve ever come across so I had to grab them both!


Last week I showed you the feathered fabric I picked up on my other fabric destination, Arab Street. Well, while there, I also succumbed to what I’m calling “shot cottons” for lack of a better term. They are constructed in the same way as the weft and warp are made from different coloured threads, although I am dubious about their quality. I really shouldn’t be, but as I haven’t used them before, I want to be prepared! So I’m thinking I’ll wash them all to see what the shrinkage is like, and then use them only with each other. Besides, I’ll be going back to Singapore soon enough, and will surely want to restock!


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8 Responses

  1. mary says:

    Wow those are stunning stash additions, but you’re right, have play with them so when you go back you’ll know whether or not to buy it by the bolt!

  2. Something tells me you will find a perfect project for the neon – those geisha ghosts are fantastic. I really like your idea of finding unique and original fabric to bring home instead of a postcard. I’m not sure my family would be thrilled with the trade, but I am going to have to keep it in mind for myself in the future!

  3. Your neon geisha ghosts would look awesome used in chunks (I’m visualizing wonky triangles or hexies on the large size to get the whole geisha in some of them), splashed in a very modern way across a textured solid white. Yummy fabrics!!!

  4. Susan says:

    Those last two photos look like dupioni silk. Yummy!

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