Sunday Stash #196 – Singapore Sling 02

It’s been an extremely quiet sewing week around the Molli Sparkles studio. I’ve been a bit of a social butterfly rather than chained up to my sewing machine or computer, which is why you haven’t seen much activity. That being said, I’ve still got plenty of enticing fabrics to share with you! These are all a continuation from the suitcase full of fabric I brought back from Singapore. Y’all know that if there’s a fabric shop in a ten mile radius I will find it! It’s somehow become a life skill that I’m claiming as my superhero power.


Truth be told, I normally don’t get along so well with novelty fabrics. The whole animal, cutesy thing kind of grates me, and don’t even get me started about the french fries and broccoli photorealistic fabrics. However, I fully realise we don’t have to like all of the things to like some of the things. So while I was sifting through fabrics at Malin Textile, I found this licensed Barbie fabric featuring the many shoes of her illustrious career. I quickly decided that if ever there was a need for me to do some fussy cutting, this would have to be my go-to source. I easily paired it with this maroon fat quarter that has a gold metallic speckle. Totally didn’t need, but I was in a bit of a frenzy!


Then my brain started thinking, well, maybe I should do some fussy cutting. If I’m going to do that, I’m going to need to be prepared with the proper fabrics. I should look for some more! More, more, MORE! Gimme mo-ah! (Seriously, the synapses were popping off like fireworks!) I pulled these ransom letters off the shelf and threw them into my “must-have” pile. At this stage, I probably looked a bit crazed, and was scaring off other customers.


As I was twirling around the small fabric space my eyes landed on this rainbow stripe. Now normally, I don’t gravitate to stripes because of the directional chaos they can cause in a quilt. However, RAINBOW! Plus, how fantastic would this be as a playful binding? Good Lourdes, think of the bindings! Have any of you ever made a quilt just so you can use a particular fabric as a binding? Ridiculous, but oh so right.


This final piece I picked up in a different part of town called Arab Street. This is a whole row of textile shops focusing more on silks, linens, chiffons, beaded embroidery and the like that are used for formal dress wear. The silks were absolutely divine! I wanted to buy them all, but apparently they don’t play well with cottons. I probably need to do some of my own research on how to actually make that work, because I can’t stop dreaming about the spectacle of them all. I did find a few cottons co-mingled about in various shops, and I couldn’t leave without grabbing this one. Doesn’t it just scream of 18th century French luxury with those gold ensconced peacock plumes? Again, this is completely outside my normal comfort zone, but if you want different results, you gotta try different things!

(All of the fabric shops I visited had strict no photography rules, which is why I sadly can’t show you all the things I didn’t buy!)

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9 Responses

  1. Trude says:

    Totally “dumb” question… when shopping fabrics like this…how can you be sure the fabrics are 100 percent cotton? I struggle feeling fabric and being sure.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Love love love the glittery feathers! And does this mean you’re ready for me to share my cutesy bug prints with you…..mwahahaha

  3. DianeY says:

    These no photography rules really grate on me as I have encountered this. What are they being protective of? I haven’t figured out what the problem could possibly be, but maybe I am just naïve!

  4. LPC says:

    OMG I need need NEED the rainbow stripes!!! Any selvedge info you can share? I feel I may need an entire bolt..:.

  5. Lucy Brennan says:

    you are hilarious!! Love your new additions and as I type my kids are watching the Barbie cartoon, which is also very funny! The shoes are brilliant and I love the rainbow stripe too, perfect binding!

  6. I completely understand the novelty fabric situation. I am glad there is so much variety in fabrics and prints and that there seems to be something for everyone. I am totally with you on the striped fabric as a binding – it will be glorious!

  7. Lisa says:

    I love those barbie shoes and I have strong negative feelings about Barbie.

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