Ten Things on Thursday – 06

Where does the week go!? I swear some time between Sunday and Thursday, that I’m going to sit down and write another blog post, but it hasn’t been happening lately. I do have some photos ready to go for my latest quilt, Alice’s Garde(n) so I’m hoping that I’ll get those to you tomorrow for TGIFF! Despite not telling you about it, I’m still designing and sewing my little pink heart out.


  1. Britney Spears’s new album, Glory, was released this week. Hot damn! I’ve been lip singing hair flips around my house since. #glorygloryhallelujah
  2. I completed the final edit on my Divas Alphabet Pattern! Wowsers! After working on it for nearly a year, I’d say it’s about damn time.
  3. My father-in-law was hospitalised last week with a bit of a serious condition (to me anyway)! In typical fashion, he was like, “F- this, I’m getting better.” And after prayers / good vibes from family and friends, he went home from the hospital on Tuesday without having the surgery he was scheduled to have.
  4. Of course I started a new quilt project this week! What would a week be without a new project to work on? I’m calling it my Hey Mr. DJ quilt, (#HeyMrDJquilt) which you can find on Instagram.
  5. I used to watch Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood as a kid. I would always wonder, “Why is Mr. Rogers changing clothes every time he comes home? His shirt’s not even dirty!” That is until this week, I caught myself getting home from work and exchanging my dress shirt for a t-shirt and cardigan. Loafers optional.
  6. I received an amazing surprise from Mr. Sparkles on Monday! While I was in Singapore, he took my Vespa and had every inch detailed. New paint, new mirrors and brake handles, Vespa badges, and a chrome rack for the back make this ten-year-old scooter look brand new!
  7. I have two magazine articles hitting newsstands at the moment. My regular column in Textile Fibre Forum tackles my first time! Ow! Secondly, in the September issue of Homespun I’m part of a contributing article called “My True Confession: Quilty Little Secrets.” Once I receive both I’ll post pictures here are on the blog as you’ll want them both, I know it!
  8. I’m at a fabric organisation impasse, y’all. During my last move in during the hardwood floor debacle, I took all of my fabrics out of collections and put them in colour order. Lately, I just find myself putting collections back together and making things with them. I’m either getting lazy, or I need a new system.
  9. So I was obviously wrong about the MQG derivative conversation dying down. It still seems to be going strong! I think I’ll just sit over here on the sidelines under my dick quilt until it simmers down from both sides.
  10. Speaking of dicks, AQS put their foot in it again this week with their somewhat demeaning referencing of their “Big Girls” block series. Women belittled, and men ignored. Someone get this organisation a new PR strategy immediately!

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