Sunday Stash #193 – Clair’s Fabrics

Sometimes there’s fabric right under your nose and you don’t even realise it! Usually I can sniff it out, but with the seasons changing, the pollen is playing havoc with my good olfactories. You know that situation where you totally need/want/whatever a certain fabric, and you need it right now? That totally illogical state of, “Yes, you can have my kid for a half yard of that.” Some of you might have answered yes to that last statement a little too easily! No judgements here!



Well, a few weeks back as I was working on my #ShimmerCitySampler, I knew I wanted to incorporate more of Jennifer Sampou’s Shimmer 2, of which I had only mere scraps left! Of course I could buy the lot from a US fabric mecca, but it would take weeks to arrive. I was aching for some instant gratification. That’s when I remembered buying from Aussie local, Clair’s Fabrics, last year when I was in need of some Kona Celestial. (I swear I blackout when buying fabric!) Anyway, after looking through her website, I saw she had a few of the Shimmer 2 pieces left, so I put half yards of each of these feather prints in my cart.


You know what happens when you start building a cart, right? The cart begins to over-floweth! Because I still had Alison Glass on the brain, I picked up a half yard of this Handcrafted print. I’ve bought it before, and am using it in one of the countless works-in-progress that I haven’t shown you. Hmm, I guess I need to get that out and about so I can make all my fabric purchases mean something! Plus, those orange flying geese have an intensity level nine, which suits me to a Mr. T!


Finally, (and how reservedly) I threw in this half yard cut of Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill Historic Tile print because it was on sale, and surprisingly, I didn’t already have it. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to buy just because something is on sale, but it’s my money and I’ll buy if I want to! I’m completely admonishing myself only, because I know all of you are nothing but fabric enablers. Which, if I think about it, are the only type of friends worth having! With some sort of Australia Post voodoo magic, my package was at my office within forty-eight hours of me pressing YAAAASSSS. Long story short, if you’re in Australia, and need fabric fast, check out Clair’s Fabrics because she has just about all of it!

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  1. Jen B says:

    You stuck to your fabric manifesto for the first 6/7 months of the year. So even if you go back to usual buying habits for the rest of this year, you’re still ahead overall!

  2. Jayne says:

    You gotta get what you wanna get, most of the time! The Alison Glass fabric is one of my favorites! Sales are not always a no-no…there are some must haves lurking in that category!

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