Ten Things On Thursday – 04

Another week filled with fabric searching, yearning, and purchasing! A lot of sewing has been happening behind the scenes, while also managing to stay social with some amazing quilt friends. If you don’t have a quilt tribe, get on that! It makes the fun, even more fun! All in all, an amazing week, and I’m thankful to be so blessed.


  1. I started my Modern Handcraft designed Range Quilt tonight. If I remember correctly, it’s the first quilt pattern I’ve purchased to make a quilt. I think you’ll love it too.
  2. The #100Days100Blocks Tula Pink City Sampler quilt along officially kicked off on Instagram this week. Yeah, the one I said I was going to do, and then wasn’t, and now I have 37 of the blocks already made. Oh, Molli!
  3. Speaking of, I went on a hunt for Shimmer 2 fabrics by Jennifer Sampou. Thankfully, I found some very generous people on Instagram willing to sell me some of theirs! Whew!
  4. I may have also bought some at Clair’s Fabrics here in Australia. When in doubt, buy them out!
  5. Mr. Sparkles and I went to IKEA to buy just a cheap $75 desk, as a hold over until we get a custom desk built into our study nook. We left with a $260 receipt that included tea light candles, meat balls, and a cook book stand. Isn’t that always the way?!
  6. Son, Harrison, came over for dinner last night, which is always a delight. He’s thinking about taking a trip to Japan in January, and I’m already contemplating what type of fabric mule he’d be!
  7. Did you read the There Was No Penis article from quilter Kathy Nida? Amazingly, she was censored out of the AQS Grand Rapids show because of a complaint about a penis in her quilt. Except there wasn’t one. If you’re someone who gets upset about a penis in art, you shouldn’t be looking at art.
  8. I’m putting a blogger fabric bundle together for Fabric Please! that’s already giving me autumnal tonal shivers! I’m waiting for a few fabrics to be released in late September, and then I’ll share the shiver.
  9. I may have found the thread holder I’ve been craving! Except it is out of stock, and will also take some modifications. However, brace yourselves.
  10. Have you ever hand stitched a binding using all Art Gallery fabrics and a tight quilting design? It is driving me ba-zonkers because the weave is so tight. Only one side left to do on my current quilt, so hopefully, you’ll get to see it tomorrow!

5 Responses

  1. Mary Ann says:

    A slow stitching week but I am loving the quilt. Its a lovely Fall tonal! I am headed to Ikea too, since my son is driving I think I will take cash for the 3 CD towers i need to store FQs and leave the checkbook and debit card at home…or maybe not> Have a great week!

  2. I can imagine that sewing that binding is difficult. I’ve found the free motion quilting certain curvy designs on Art Gallery seems to be a terrible idea. =/

  3. Sarah O says:

    Point 7 – BAZINGA! yes x 1000.

  4. Serena@Sewgiving says:

    Love these posts … keep ’em coming … and that poor quilter having a quilt banned for something that’s clearly not there! Geez …

  5. #5 – if only I could go to IKEA for one thing. Never happens.

    These are great posts!

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