Sunday Stash #191 – The Beginning of the End

Sometimes I am incredibly late to the party. In this case, it’s the extremely colourful party always hosted by Alison Glass. I’ve seen her fabrics from the very beginning of my quilting career, and for some reason or another, had never really dived into her world. I have maybe two fat quarters tucked away here and one over there, and I did buy some yardage of the Ex Libris Geometry in Sunset. That particular print is still a big fat WOW. However, those were all accidental pieces. It wasn’t until I saw that Intrepid Thread had nearly every Sun Print on sale that I took the plunge and bought, well, nearly all of them.


The greys have such a wonderful neutrality about them. Not too cool, not too warm. As someone who’s been looking at paint samples for the better part of this Sunday afternoon, that means a lot! Y’all know I’m also a major sucker for tone on tone prints, so I’m really not sure why any of the Sun Prints escaped me at all. I must have just been having a moment.


I think I mentioned it in my last post, but this does break the Stash Manifesto rules. The whole, “won’t buy because of a sale,” thing, or whatever. But really, we can all get past that, right? I should have bought these low volume, text prints when they weren’t on sale, so I think I’ve rationalised that out of the way. Plus, once you start an international envelope, you have to keep shopping until you fill up a box! It’s only the fiscally responsible thing to do. Ahem.


I’m just showing you the Earth tones this week, and I’ll break out the jewel tones next week. That’s the clever thing about this fabric line: because it’s all tonal, it maintains a certain sophistication despite its rainbow nature. I believe there was a metallic sphere fabric somewhere along the way, which if true, I should keep my eyes peeled for!


Plus, orange and pink! That’s a pretty bold move, and I love Alison’s design sensibility because of it. Now that I have most of the colours, all I can see is some sort of Alison Glass rainbow quilt. So obvious, but so divine, right? Also, can some of you out there give me a slap if I’m sooo ridiculously not minding my Ps and Qs and buying the right fabric. I can’t be right all the time! So basically, this is now the beginning of the end of my Alison Glass celibacy period. Time to put some mood lighting on, and get busy!

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7 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    I love Allison Glass , although I don’t have these particular fabric,and I agree if you have to pay shipping you may as well keep going. As always beautiful photos.

  2. Julie says:

    The Raspberry with gold sphere fabric almost looks like silk and reminds me of Sari fabric… did you get that one? I cut your order and I think you got all but one of the fabrics so I am hoping that is not missing 🙂

  3. I tend to buy fabric for specific projects these days, and I am excited to have a project that is going to use a lot of Alison Glass coming up soon. Too bad I will have to buy more than I need, haha! I hope you got the shimmery fabric and look forward to seeing what else you added.

  4. Preeti says:

    Oh, I have been eyeing AG’s Sunprints for a while now. They are so yummy. Right now, I need to make seven quilts before I can justify my next purchase 🙁

  5. mary says:

    The Sunprints are stunning, I’ve resisted so far! You are totally right to fill up a box/envelope when buying from overseas, it’s the only way to justify the expense!

  6. Good call! That text print is stunning and agree about the pink and orange, love!

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