Sunday Stash #190 – Filling My Box

When I was shopping the Intrepid Thread sale a few weeks ago, I was immediately drawn to Alison Glass’s Sun Prints collection. We’ll talk about those acquisitions in the coming weeks. Trust you me! What happened though (and I’ll blame Alison completely for this, ahem) is that  I quickly ran out of room in a flat rate envelope. Conservative Molli would have cut a few things out, but I through caution to the wind and said, “Screw that! Let’s fill up a flat rate box!” Besides, conservative Molli, what the hell is that?


Doesn’t red always always seem to be one of those colours that doesn’t translate all that well to fabrics? I mean, I love me some red lippy, the red hooker heals for special occasions, and a red letter day is the only way. So when I see some red fabrics online that could possibly be approaching that perfect shade of red (not too orange, not too dull, and certainly not too fuchsia because that’s a whole other thing entirely), I figure it is my duty to buy them. I threw these half yard cuts of C+S Sprinkle in Pickup Truck and Elizabeth Hartman’s Pacific Raindrops in Brick into that box. Interestingly, the base cloth of the Sprinkle is a nearly identical match to the red raindrops, despite them being from manufacturers RJR and Robert Kaufman, respectively. This is pretty close to my perfect red (maybe a touch more blue needed), but I’m happy to add them to my tiny red stash!


Of course after finding the Pacific Raindrops in Brick, that led me to other Elizabeth Hartman pieces. It’s no secret that I lurrrrve tone on tone fabrics. I think they are hands down to the ground (just so you can throw ’em up and wave ’em high to the fabric gods) the easiest way to add depth and interest to your composition. These two, Woven in Nightfall and Petal from Rhoda Ruth, fit the tone on tone bill while also being geometric. For me, this is a contemporary combining of styles that I will be able to use in many projects to come.


Finally, I added these Modern Background Paper pieces, Notes and Metrics, both in Silver on White. You should see my white on white stash lately. It’s virtually empty, y’all! I have been doing such a good job at staying fabric neutral that I’ve almost run out of neutrals! In an Alanis sort of way, that’s kind of ironic. Both of these are a bit brighter than most of the low volumes I go for (I’m more of a no volume kinda guy), but I needed my box filled! Oh yeah! Okay, next week, it’s time to see what Alison Glass brought to the table.

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  1. This is my first time linking here. I just returned from the 2016 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop and blogged about my 9 day experience. Last night’s post about all my “loot” seemed to fit here and I thought your readers might enjoy it. I hope you’ll come by and read some of the posts. Each day I featured a different shop for my “top shop on the hop” post.

  2. Dave Stemple says:

    I want to make a quilt for my sister and she has a specific red in mind. It is a very bright and vibrant red. However, she does not want any flower patterns and only a slightly darker red or ever so slightly lighter red is acceptable. Do describe the color you can look it up…it is North Carolina State Red. Reds are really really hard to find. Suggestions are welcome.

    Needless to say I fell your pain

  3. Rich and vibrant reds and bright grass greens are always worth adding to my stash as I wish I had them more often than I do. I have needed to add to my LV stash lately, too. My stash bee hive ladies ran me dry this year!

  1. August 22, 2016

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