Sunday Stash #189 – Manifesto Check In

A few weeks ago I broke a few rules. During January’s Sunday Stash #163, I described my fabric manifesto for the year. With this purchase, I knew I was deviating from some of the guidelines I had set for myself. However, like a teenager staying out late after a blue light disco, I gleefully did it anyway. You know what, I’m glad I did! Sometimes it takes a little fabric therapy to make you see the world as a better place. As I sat in the dappled sun this morning taking pictures of the box of fabric I had received, everything else drifted away!

I thought I should take a moment to review said manifesto, and just see how I was doing overall. I mean, one little mistake surely won’t landslide me into fabric purgatory, right? This is the first time since January that I’ve really checked in, so I hope I haven’t completely lost the plot! The numbered items below are the original rules, with my current comments in bold.

2016 Stash Manifesto

  1. I will try to remain as fabric neutral as possible. I’ve actually reduced my fabric holdings!
  2. I will not buy any pre-cut bundles of full collections. I have not.
  3. I will start a project using predominantly one of the following:  ArchitexturesBotanics or Doe, but not CarkaiI have not achieved this, although I did sketch out a proposal using a combination of Carolyn’s fabrics.
  4. I will think really hard about selling my Tula Pink Parisville and Prince Charming collections. Done!
  5. I will use the fabric backings I already have when it doesn’t compromise the design. Yes, yes, yes!
  6. I will use at least two templates or rulers that I own, but I haven’t used. I’ve used one existing, and two new ones that I purchased this year. That counts, right?
  7. I will sell some scraps so I feel less guilty about cutting into new yardage (that is now not so new). I have definitely sold Tula scraps, and I’ve given fabric away, so I’m saying yes!
  8. I will not be swayed by sales, especially considering the current exchange rate. Ummmmm, but the sale was really good.
  9. I will allow myself free reign for fabric purchased in person outside of Australia, but I will stay mindful of these parameters. Achieved.
  10. I will allow myself fabric trades, or acceptance of fabric from designers for promotional purposes. Easy.
  11. I will start a project using fabric I have extensive yardage of as a feature (even solids). Did you see my Strawberry Hotcakes quilts?

Really, I think that is an amazing achievement! I’ve only really broken number eight, and eight is my favourite number, so I’m giving myself a pass! What did I get then? Well, Intrepid Thread–always my favourite place to shop–had their annual clearance sale, and I made sure to clear them out of a few things.


Oddly enough, I never got on the shot cotton band wagon. These were on sale, so I thought I’d just pick up some end of bolt deals, throw them into the stash mix and see where they wind up. I’m not totally in love, but I don’t hate them either. The picture above is Scarlett and Chartreuse, while the picture below is Honeydew, Pink and Persimmon. For my shot cotton lovers out there, what inspires your love? The texture, earthy tones, or something I’m missing?


I also picked up the below yardage of Art Gallery Pure Elements in Dark Citron and Mediterraneo. These are both replenishment fabrics for works-in-progress. One of them, you’ve seen before, the other one is still under lock and key. However, now with this Dark Citron landing in the studio, it shouldn’t be much longer until a fresh unveiling. I do love working with Art Gallery Pure Elements, but I wish they had an updated fabric swatch card. I actually mailed little snippets of the fabric I needed to Julie at Intrepid Thread because I couldn’t remember what I was using. I guess I’ll have to make my own!


There were definitely more fabrics in my box that I’ll be confessing to during the next couple of weeks. Did you set yourself a fabric manifesto this year? How are you doing with it? It’s alright, you can tell me!

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8 Responses

  1. Fi Laidlaw says:

    Hi Mollie,
    Thanks so much for your link up Sunday Stash. I have been a reader for a long while now & enjoy your humour & honesty as well as generosity of spirit. I have for the first time (I will always remember it) linked to Sunday Stash & look forward to reading other great link ups as well. Thanks again Mollie cheers Fi

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    I’ve attempted twice to “not buy any fabric this year”. I’ve made it approximately 6-8 months each time and then succumbed to the siren call of the fabric store. I justify it by saying it is someone’s livelihood I’m supporting and to compensate for overfull totes, I sent about 20 yards of fabric I’m no longer in love with to a women’s half-way house I heard of in Colorado. They are re-entering the world after incarceration. So, I’m conscious of my over-spending on fabric and try not to continue overspending. It’s crazy hard though!

  3. Betty says:

    I like the appearance of the texture on the shot cottons. I also like the ones that are woven with different color threads and although they appear to be solids they have that little extra excitement of color lurking around!

  4. Julie says:

    It just so happened we had the not as spectacular colors left of the shot cotton. When you see one that has two really awesome colors blended you will get it. They are very shimmery when the warp and weft are different colors. I think the ones you got were all just blended with white… except maybe the chartreuse…. anyway they aren’t really my favorites either but people begged me to get them. I am glad I can tempt you away from your manifesto at least once a year 🙂

  5. Louise says:

    I got my first batch of shot cottons about a month ago and I also wasn’t overwhelmed by them. They’re pretty, but don’t knock my socks off. Maybe like Julie says I need to see the better color combos?

  6. grannyonabroomstick says:

    Hi mollie and Mr Sparkles: which brings me to my question mollie, what does mr sparkles do whilst you are sewing and playing in your sewing room? I always feel guilty when I am having such a good time and my partner seems lost… Can you share mr sparkles’ doings please? Can’t wait to meet you at a craft fair sometime. I just saw Strawberry shortcake and loved it m

  7. Brenda says:

    I was going to say essentially what Julie said. That to truly appreciate shot cottons you need to see the ones woven with colors that “differ” more from each other. Those that read as obviously solid don’t capture the feel of shot cottons at all. I ordered most of the ones Julie had some time ago, but passed on most of these (except the chartreuse, I think) because they didn’t appear to have that life that I consider to be the essence of shot cottons. My first experience with shot anything was a piece of shot silk woven with purple and red. My god, that piece dramatically changed colors when you shifted your viewpoint or moved it in the light. And I don’t know where that yard of fabric from 25 years ago went to. I’ve looked for it, and cannot find it.

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