Ten Things on Thursday

Let’s try something new this week! Welcome to Ten Things on Thursday! Here are ten things that have been part of my life over the past seven days. This is a great way to do a brain dump before the weekend, and give yourself a little bit of applause for even the smallest of accomplishments. If you’re like me, sometimes that is all. you. need! Let me know if anyone else would be interested in joining me for Ten Things on Thursday and I can set up a button, or link-up, or some other social media corralling experience! In the meantime, check out my ten things below.


  1. The “Feeling Lucky” Instagram giveaway was a huge success, with fifteen lucky winners! Lotsocolour was the winner of the individual fabric prize I contributed. Congrats to you!
  2. I sort of got a promotion at work this week! I might have to start loving hand sewing though, as there will be more travel in my future.
  3. I started and finished the new Netflix series, Stranger Things with Winona Ryder. It’s worth grabbing a bag of chips and stopping life for eight hours.
  4. My Don’t Be a Dick quilt is getting bigger. I’ve nearly completed sixteen blocks, all from Jennifer Sampou’s Shimmer fabric range. Sparkle porn, y’all!
  5. My physio told me I need to start doing crunches to strengthen my core, so my back doesn’t get so bent out of shape from all the sitting I do while sewing. Abs for summer!
  6. Britney Spears released a new single called, Make Me, which makes me go oooooh! I’m crushing on this living legend.
  7. I did some full on shopping at Intrepid Thread on Monday night. There is an international box involved. It felt sort of like binge eating eleven ice cream sandwiches and then hiding the wrappers. I’ve still got a sugar rush!
  8. Nespresso released a new coffee capsule called Envivo Lungo which is strength nine. All my coffee Christmases have come early! I live and die by my Nespresso machine.
  9. I’ve been receiving numerous #QuiltsForPulse blocks and even a completed quilt! Remember to have these to me by 01 August, 2016 so I can send them off to Orlando. Let’s save the world with quilts!
  10. I have to conceive and create a baby quilt this weekend! I’m thinking either over-sized HSTs or some sort of traditional block super-sized. I’m wanting it to be modern but girly, pink but not too much, and quick but meaningful. Watch this space!

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  1. Luisa says:

    I loved your “Ten things on Thursday”, congrats on your sort of promotion, travelling has to be a good thing. I also need to make a baby quilt, also pink, but modern, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Serena@Sewgiving says:

    I just went through the same thing to make a quick quilt for my youngest. Pink but not too pink and plenty of special moments thanks to the fabric! Your promotion sounds fun! Need someone to Juki-sit? 😂😇😎

  3. Lisa says:

    Yes , Let’s save the world with quilts!

  4. Trude says:

    Sure can’t wait to see your newest quilt! You do such amazing work… I’m amazed you can work and quilt as much as you do…I had “assumed” you quilted full time… IMPRESSIVE!

  5. There are some pretty big things in that list. Congratulations on the promotion!

  6. Mary ann says:

    I like this! I think we forget all the little things we’ve done during the week that eventually add up. ( ok so we are not talking about UFO growing). And congrats on the promotion!

  7. Little Black Cat Quilting says:

    I like this idea, especially on those rough weeks where nothing quite seems to be going your way. Congrats on the promotion and all those little things that brighten your day. 😊

  8. Hilary says:

    Love the Ten things Thursday idea 🙂 Congrats on the promotion!

  9. Wendy says:

    I bought those Envivo Lungo capsules yesterday too. I was walking past our local Nespresso store and popped in for some top ups. I spotted the new bronze capsules, and when they said they were 9 AND Lungo, I had to have some of them, plus my all time favourites, the purple Arpeggio. I’ll let you know what I think when I try them out.

  10. Kathy says:

    I love you Molli! This is a brilliant idea! There is so much crappy stuff going on in this world that it would be easy to forget the little things that make us happy and make us real. In my journal, I end each month with a list of accomplishments..big and small. This month I will happily report that I did not watch one moment of the RNC for example!!

  11. Vera says:

    Good name for a linky but hey where are the pics? 🙂

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