Sunday Stash #187 – Label Love

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Dutch Label Shop to see if I would like to try out their available labels, and the tools they have for designing your own. Now, as many good intentions as I’ve always had, I’ve only ever labeled like, maybe, three quilts. Loserville, I know. It’s like such an obvious thing that we should all be doing, and most of us are not. The good news–as I keep telling myself–is that I’ve always used my glitter-flecked binding (GFB) in all but three of my quilts. Correlation? Maybe. So at the very least, there is some continuity running through my output. As Whitney Houston would say, “It’s not right, but it’s okay.” Needless to say, when I got that invitation from Dutch Label Shop, I was like “Hell to the yeah!”


I knew I wanted to use my banner logo for my label to provide a somewhat slim profile to sew into the binding of the quilt. The Dutch Label Shop website allows for uploading of your own logo, or you can use their software to compose your own. Just for the fun of it, I went through all of the iconography they have available, and while I found a few diamonds and other sparkly things, I decided to just go with my current branding. You can choose from nine label styles, nearly all the colours of the rainbow (more on that in a minute), and dimensions up to four inches in either direction. I chose a woven, centre-fold style, a double white background, pink (213C) thread, with dimensions of 1.25″ x 4″, and extra printing on the back. That extra quarter inch in height allows for sewing the label into the binding. While I received mine for free, 100 of these style labels are worth $98, so about a dollar a label. In the grand summation of your quilt’s worth, this is but a drop in the bucket! And well, they came out pretty much as I expected!

This awesome company is based in Philadelphia, and since I used to live there, I know exactly where their downtown building is located. It certainly brings back great memories! That being said, it was originally a bit challenging to have the labels shipped internationally, as their website is not set up to do so. However, one quick email to their support team, and they just manually took my shipping address and had it sorted. So, you know how I mentioned the thing about the colours? It’s still true, they have heaps of colours for both the background and the logo. BUT (there’s always a but, right?) they have no sparkling pink metallic thread! The closest they had was red, and that just wouldn’t do. Okay, okay, I know, I’m asking for a lot, and despite this, I’m still quite chuffed with the flat pink thread!

Now I have to go back and try to find all of my old quilts all over the world so I can insert a label. I’ve managed to do two already! One more thing, Dutch Label Shop has agreed to give 15% off to the Glitterati. How nice is that!? I forgot to ask what the coupon code was (<– I was so excited in receiving my labels that I forgot about y’all! Sorry!) But I’m onto it now, and I’ll let you know what it is ASAP. Until then, check out their website, start playing with some designs, and let’s get our quilts labeled together!

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9 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    I was just browsing their site last week, but didn’t place an order. As soon as you put up the code, I will. Thanks!

  2. Mary ann says:

    Great labels! I will keep an eye for the code. I am a very bad labeler as well and this looks like a simple way to cover that ground. Thanks!

  3. Great endorsement and I will bookmark their site and be ready for that 15% off code. 🙂 I also struggle with quilt labeling and think these will be just the ticket.

  4. Pat S says:

    I love your labels. Really nice to have the care on the backside, too, especially with the Love on High. 🙂

  5. Nicole says:

    I like this style of labels – makes quilts seem really pro. And I love your rejoinder about love on high. Fabulous as always of course!

  6. Sweet!! Like that you kept your logo as is and love your instructions 🙂 EVERYONE should have pink sparkle, it should be mandatory.

  7. Sarah McL says:

    Hi Molli, quick note to say years ago I got some metallic sparkly labels made and I wish I hadn’t! The sparkly thread was distracting and made the text difficult to read, and it was really scratchy so not good for garments. Anyway, that’s my two cents! Your labels look great 🙂

  8. Laura says:

    Hey, do you have that code yet? I’d really like to order. Thanks!

  9. Linda says:

    I had a good laugh about these labels – I had to read an Australian blog to learn about a company within 15 min of my Pennsylvania home. Couldn’t wait for the coupon. My labels have arrived and I am so pleased. Thank you.

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