Sunday Stash #183 – A Day Late

You guys! What an amazing Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair this year! It went so quickly, probably because I got to spend it with such amazing people. The greatest thing about events like this is the personal connections you make. People actually “get” what you’re all about. For instance, I think a few new friends finally realised I’m not a total bitch (all of the time!) I had incredible personal and professional conversations on both sides of the industry. There were hundreds of quilts on display, vendors galore, and the aisles were packed with fans and fanatics. (Personally, I like the latter!) Make sure you check out the #craftandquiltfair on Instagram for all the shenanigans that went down. I couldn’t even begin to list them all in a blog post because my mind has already been blown. Basically, I’m still scooping it up off the floor. But I will leave you with one word: INSPIRED!


Now, since I obvs missed Sunday Stash yesterday (thing called life), I’ll leave you with this picture at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair tear down. This is my trusty red suitcase that I cart around my quilts in when needed. So basically it had my stash in it, just already sewn up! I’ll share what I actually picked up at the show next week. Big shout outs to Sewing Machine Warehouse, Chow and the Juki team, and the gals at Make Modern. Oh, and extra glitter kisses to Mishi Kishi!

P.s. The Sunday Stash button code in my sidebar is more broken than a sixteen-year-old girl’s heart after being dumped by the junior varsity captain of the football team even though he said “I love you,” twice and promised they’d be together forever. And ever, ever. I need to sort it out (and thank you to those have been kicking me to do so), but I also want to redesign the button, so I promise it’s all on the list of things to do. Is it just me, or does that list NEVER get shorter?

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7 Responses

  1. Lara says:

    Oh shucks! Thank you PBoshua, I shall think of you every morning while I eat our favourite! Xo

  2. Mary ann says:

    It’s been a lot of fun to see all the pictures and read all posts too!

  3. mary says:

    It’s good to hear how inspired you are and it reminds me that I really must make an effort to get to FoQ in the UK in the summer.

  4. Glad you had such a fabulous time!! I’m in love with the sparkly button but if times they are a changing I will follow along 😉

  5. Naw thanks for the shout out! Was SO good to meet you and talk and chat and natter and talk a bit more. Totally came away from the weekend INSPIRED. I’m working on my perfect stalker texts to send you every single day. It’s important I get the wording just right so I sound completely creepy fangirl. 😉

  6. Nicole says:

    A day late is fine as long as you’re not also a dollar short!

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