Sunday Stash #182 – Fabrics Out & Threads In

Oh colour me excited because some brilliant things have been happening here today for Sunday Stash! As I’ve been harping on about for weeks, today I hosted my Tula Pink blowout sale on Instagram to aid the Grandma Sparkles Relief Fund. It was a smashing success! I’ve sent invoices to nearly everyone, and there are a few auctions still going on, but by my best estimates it looks like around $2,000 USD was raised! Sheesh, y’all love your Tula fabric! I don’t think Grandma Sparkles would have ever thought that by buying fabric she would be investing in her future. Thank you to all of you who participated, and helped spread the word. I’ll be sure to advise on the final figure (sans shipping and Paypal fees) that is being sent to Grandma Sparkles once the dust settles and the cheques clear.


As for me, I picked up a few Aurifil threads this week from Ms. Midge. I love that I can just go to her website, enter in a custom order, and viola, a few days later I have thread on my doorstep. Since I’ve become a Juki longarm quilter (an update on that very soon, I promise), I’ve found that thread has become my new sidekick. When I first started my quilting adventure, I was all like, thread, whatever. Now, I’m consulting (read: combing) the Aurifil thread chart for the perfect match. Yes, people, I have become that person! I have a few quilt tops nearing completion that I’m going to be practicing on, so I picked out these three colours: 1310, 2530, and 1148. Word to your mother, they all match perfectly with corresponding Art Gallery Pure Elements solids. It’s now time to load up the machine with a real quilt (practice time is over!), and start climbing the longarm quilting mountain. The safety harness is coming off!

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  1. mary says:

    Oh wow that is such awesome news – well done!

  2. I know what you mean about the Aurifil color card. Getting ready and planning the quilting is one of my favorite steps of the quilting process. And how wonderful that the community is helping out Grandma Sparkles so much and getting some fabulous fabric to boot!

  3. Sandra Croley says:

    I’ve just “discovered” you and would like to put your Sunday Stash button on my blog page. I seem to be having trouble (really, could be operator error!) but have you had anyone have the same problem?

  4. So pleased the fund raising went well! Grandma’s are amazing, mine is my best friend. You are such a lovely lovely caring grandson. I hope I have one like you someday 🙂 Have awesome fun longarming and I can’t wait to see!

  1. June 23, 2016

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