Sunday Stash #178 – Thread Secrets

Y’all know how excited I get about adding pieces to my stash. So imagine me a few months ago when these Aurifil Brillo threads arrived, and I couldn’t tell anyone! Yes, I tried to show Mr. Sparkles but there’s only so much feigned interest and excitement a non-quilting partner can give. Then eventually just turn on a heel and walk away as your still blabbering on about how shiny, or out of print, or how big the sale was. I get it, but I still needed some release! You see, I was forced to keep these threads under wraps as I was using them in my Gender Kisses quilt. I know you savvy stashers out there would have linked one bit to one bob and then Bob’s your aunt, the secret would have been out! I really only needed the two at the front, but like any good shopper, I needed to maximise the shipping costs. Obvs. So I picked up a few more colours I didn’t have, and I’m on a mission to own every single one! Failure is not an option!


Tell me, Glitterati, how are you storing your threads? I want to put them proudly on display, but should I be concerned about sun damage or fading? Also, I want a wall-mountable thread holder that doesn’t look like it came out of Country Crossroads magazine down on the farm. There’s got to be something for the chic crafter, right? Or is this an untapped market that the Molli Sparkles Empire needs to conquer? Tell me what you know!

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  1. Oh, now I want some detail photos of the quilting… I went back to your post about the quilt and I think I can spy some sparkle there. Photographing it never quite captures the luster, does it? In terms of thread storage, I am completely boring and keep mine in a bin. I agree though (about the out in the open by not country-fied rack) and will be stalking the comments to learn more myself.

  2. Hayley says:

    Nice! I love a bit of sparkle. Were they easy to quilt with? I keep my thread in a big fishbowl on my sewing table. Perhaps not the most effective method but it looks pretty.

  3. Rike says:

    I store my threads in nearly clear boxes and most of the Aurifil in wooden one in little äshelves because they don’t fit perfectly in the clear one. But in the wooden one I sorted them by color so everytime I open the shelf I see a colorful rainbow of Aurifil-threads and that makes me really happy. My King Tut thread, I cab see everytime in one if the clear boxes (ArtBin) but the box is full, so there will be some storing problems if I will get new spools of them. 😀
    My bobbins are stored to a little rack my sister and my brother-in-law built me. It’s so cute because it’s a little version of a thread rack only for bobbins.
    Greetings from Germany, Rike

  4. Veronika says:

    Nothing made me happier than finally getting a thread rack up in my sewing room so I can look at my rainbow of thread every second as I sew. Like seriously, one of my best decisions ever. Of course it’s one of those wooden country ones because as far as I know, that’s all there is. I’m sure if you came out with a new snazzy thread rack it would be in high demand!

  5. Trude says:

    I’m very interested in following this conversation… I have also heard that dust is a HUGE issue with thread…the spools almost seem like a magnet collecting it! I have thread boxes I purchased with my Koala Studio…but am very frustrated because the boxes are not the right height to hold Aurifil spools. Currently I have simple wood racks…but know there are better options! I’m excited to hear other people’s ideas…

  6. Paula says:

    Love these threads, I bought a few colours myself a couple of weeks back and am looking forward to using them real soon. I keep all my thread in plastic boxes. My standard Aurifil spools are stored in Aurifil plastic boxes sorted by colour, I have other plastic boxes for the rest. I can’t stand how dusty thread and for that matter fabric get if left out in the open so I store them all behind closed doors or boxed. IKEA has some lovely hinged box frames at the moment so I’m going to get my Hubbie to try making a few spool racks to put in one or two so I can put at least a few spools out on display.

  7. Emily C says:

    Mine have a couple of pouches that they live in when not in use. They are not very big, right now, as I collect slowly. The ones in use (as i hand quilt) have a little basket on my sewing table.

  8. mary says:

    I store my threads in a box, my sewing space is open plan with our kitchen/diner and I’m not sure if the cooking smells would do the threads any good and I also prefer them to be out of daylight, based on nothing more than common sense! I spotted metallic Aurifil yesterday when I was in my LQS but I was on a mission accompanied by a small child but I will be returning…

  9. ohhhh shiny!!! I agree about not having them out but it would make life easier. I like the peg boards turned spool holders and you could easily spray paint it!

  10. Beautiful thread! You need to collaborate with a welder to build you a thread holder that will fit your Aurifil threads and fit your aesthetics. The little pins need to be small enough to fit in the Aurifil spools and there need to be enough of them to store your entire collection. I can see it undulating like waves across the walls of your studio, living room and guest room (you have that much thread, don’t you?), stainless steel shining, reflecting the beautiful colors all over your home!

  11. So I have some pretty threads in some depression glass bowls I got from my grandmother, who used them in the depression. Let me tell you in a year or two, they are covered in dust. So good idea, but they don’t work well if you want to use the thread.

    clear boxes with lids are the best. We get a ice cream in a clear plastic tube with a lid. Clean it up and it makes great storage for bobbins and spools of thread. They stack, and they look great. You could also use glass canning jars – the ones for making jam and pickles. They have lids. Maybe you don’t have dust. But cutting fabric and sewing seem to generate dust, and it dulls the colors of the thread. It’s hard to vacuum spools of thread, without sucking them into the vacuum! (I know from experience!).

    I ended up with the thread cabinet that you pull open the drawers to see the threads. then close them to keep them dust free.

  12. Hilary says:

    Love these threads, so sad that they’re not available in the States! I keep my thread out on a rack, and I use it quickly so I’m never really worried about fading etc. I’ve seen a Martha Stewart thread rack that is pretty darn fantastic, but it’s pricier than the blah wooden country cottage ones.

  13. Louise says:

    I keep my threads in a plastic box with nice compartments in it. Very neat and tidy! Plus it has the added bonus of not allowing loose spools to roll around with the motion of the boat, and protecting them from the fierce sun and salt spray.

    I do drool over those spool racks where you can have all your pretties out on display all the time. Someday…

  14. Linda says:

    I admit I am using a wooden wall spool holder. No problems with dust or fading. And I couldn’t imagine putting all that beauty in plastic boxes or behind a door. Thread is meant to be enjoyed!

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