Sunday Stash #173 – Pulling Bolts

Oh Sunday Stash! It’s good to see you home and well rested! You’ve had quite a trip, haven’t you? A big thank you to all of the hosts who offered a couch, sleeping bag, or a bit of floor space for Sunday Stash over the past few weeks. So while SS was off galavanting around, I was at Intrepid Thread in California doing a little bit of in-person shopping. Internet shopping is wonderful, but you always do get a flair of inspiration by pulling bolts off the shelf. Which, truth be told, I did for about two hours while Mr. Sparkles sat in the boyfriend chair!


I picked up half-yard cuts of everything here, which is my normal go-to for stashing. The top fabric is Handcrafted 2 by Alison Glass just because I loved the vibrancy of the hot pink. I have some others from Handcrafted 1, which I’ve used in a stalled WIP. I’m hoping this one will throw some inspiration my way to get it finished. Underneath is a piece from Anna-Maria Horner’s Pretty Potent. This is also for a stalled WIP, which yeah, now makes me think I need to get back ’round to those. The truth comes out!


These other four pieces are all from Katarina Roccella’s Avant Garde range. I don’t know why it took me so long to get these, but I have a feeling it is because of all the amazingness I saw on social media. Some times it’s a bit intimidating with so much inspiration readily available. Anyone else feel that way? But these. Again, their vibrancy and contrast drew me in. They’ve undoubtedly got an 80s vibe that I’m interested to see how will mix with my current stash–let’s face it, I’ll probably end up picking up other bits of this range along the way! That being said, I didn’t break any rules of my manifesto, as rule nine clearly states, “I will allow myself free reign for fabric purchased in person outside of Australia, but I will stay mindful of these parameters.”


So this is only half of what I bought, but I still think it is quite reserved! Next week I’ll show you the more magical and sparkling bits (I love a good theme!) that I picked up on my trip. Right now, though, we have a winner to decide from last week’s Sunday Stash. I assigned each person who linked up a number, and Mr. Sparkles randomly chose #19, which is Hand Wrought Quilts! Woohoo! I’ll be in touch to grab your address! Everyone else, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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8 Responses

  1. ohhh that Avant Garde looks gorgeous!

  2. mary says:

    Great 80’s vibe going on, can’t wait to see an 80’s quilt…

  3. Nicole says:

    Hot damn, I won! Thanks very much Molli, and I’ll blow a kiss to Mr. Sparkles too.

    Because of last week’s um, duplicate snafu, I found TWO new blogs to follow, so thanks for that as well.

  4. That Avant Garde is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Just found your awesome blog and party! Thanks for hosting!

  6. The Avante Garde fabric is amazing. Bold colors with the contrasting black and white prints. Love the quilt I made with the line.

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