Feeling Floored

Today is the day! What day is that you ask? Today is finally the day that Mr. Sparkles and I move out of our apartment so that the much talked about hardwood floors can be entirely replaced. Not just a sanding, or a few floor boards, but all of it ripped up and a new floor laid. We can’t even believe it is finally happening, considering we’ve only been requesting it prior to us moving in fifteen months ago. To say we’ve had to bring the fight to the floor would be an understatement!


So as we speak, there are removalists packing up our entire apartment including my sewing studio. (The agony!) Mind you, this is the second time this has happened, so I’m getting to be a bit of an expert. Not many people can say they’ve moved in/out of their own home three times! We will be staying nearby in a serviced apartment for the next twelve days until we move back in and start unpacking again. Please send sparkle thoughts that this floor replacement goes as well as I’m hoping it will! I need a shiny new catwalk to sashay down, stat!


But listen: I am not taking my sewing machine.

I know. It scares me too. I might actually turn into a raving lunatic with separation anxiety. To help calm the nerves, I am taking two quilts that need the binding hand-stitched down. I also have a magazine article to write and a few pictures to take. Plus, I’ll have a laptop so I can start editing some patterns the Glitterati Army has been proof reading for me. It’s going to be a sparse two weeks, but I’m hoping I’ll manage to get some non-sewing items done.

Now, I also need to take a moment to warn you that my schedule over the next two months is insane. After I move back into our newly floored apartment, I’m home a week before I leave for QuiltCon West. Immediately after that weekend I am staying in California for a week for work. As soon as I arrive home, I’m on annual leave for a week to celebrate Mardi Gras (Sydney’s LGBT Pride Event) as I have a friend visiting from L.A., and another friend visiting from Luxembourg. I go back to work for nine days, and then Mr. Sparkles and I are off on a holiday together: starting with a Madonna concert here in Sydney, and then two weeks in San Francisco. That brings me back to some normalcy on Monday, 04 April.


It’s already April, y’all! I will try my best to chime in around here every once in a while, but with all that going on, it’s going to be hard to keep the pace up. Plus, I don’t want to add extra stress to the situation, because there will be plenty already! So know that I haven’t abandoned my blog, I just might not be physically present to keep it going with as much content as usual.


All that said, if anyone would like to host Sunday Stash over the next two months, it would be a really great help! Just leave a comment with the Sunday you want, and I’ll try to squeeze everyone in to something that accommodates all of us. It will be like playing a game of hot potato, but with fabric! I do ask that if you host, you also include a giveaway (anything with any rules) which will help amplify Sunday Stash!

Thanks everyone for your patience and constant support! Remember, you can always Instagram (molli_sparkles)follow me on Bloglovin’, or Glitter Your Inbox with direct e-mails for all posts. (There’s a submission box on the sidebar). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pet my fabric one last time before it gets imprisoned in a cardboard box!

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  1. I sure hope everything goes well this time and it is the last time you need to move out and back in!!!

  2. Anne says:

    Dang, I am happy they’re FINALLY fixing the issue, that’s been going on forever!! Also sounds like you have a crazy time ahead of you, but I’m glad I’ll be able to see you at QuiltCon! <3

  3. Jen B says:

    I really hope everything goes well with the floor this time! It’s ridiculous how long it’s taking them to fix it. It sounds like you’ll need to sleep for a week in April just to get over the jet-lag.

  4. Amy says:

    I’ll believe in these new floors when I see ’em! But seriously, I hope they get their act together this time. I trust you’ll throw some drinks in faces if not.

  5. Madonna!!!!!!! That’s all I took in 😉 if you need a back up I can do a Sunday for you. Have fun and embrace all that busy 🙂

  6. Jenn @ A Quarter Inch From the Edge says:

    I’m exhausted just listening to that schedule… and a little jealy of all your adventures. Smart choice in not taking your sewing machine to the temporary digs. As someone who sews for sanity’s sake, I can understand the separation anxiety, but it might have been just one more thing to cram in. I’m totally down with hosting a Sunday Stash. How’s about March 13th?

  7. mary says:

    Phew, I need a lie down after reading that! Seriously though I hope for everyones sake this is the last we hear of the floor saga other than they are perfect at last! I’m up for hosting March 27 Sunday Stash if you need me.

  8. Irene Grimes says:

    I’d love to host – I can do any Sunday EXCEPT February 20th or 27th……

  9. Helen says:

    Wow All that packing up again . Hope it goes well, mind you 12 days in a serviced apartment sounds very nice

  10. Heather says:

    Wow, that is a lot happening! I hope the new floors are BEAUTIFUL! And I hope your time in SF is exceptional.

  11. Rosemary B says:

    The floors better be exceptionally beautiful after all that you have gone through.

    I moved my parents out of their huge house in Annapolis (threw away bag loads of crap they do not know about) and moved them to Virginia to be near me (how selfish lol, they are 92) Just the thought of packing and unpacking makes me exhausted
    Good luck!!

  12. Crystal says:

    I can help host a sunday stash whenevers 🙂 have fun at quiltcon!

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