Sunday Stash #161 – Notions of Peace

Whew. What a week in blogland, hey? I’m kind of exhausted! I want everyone to know that I’ve spoken privately to both authors of the aforementioned blog posts and we’re not out to kill each other. We’re all just very passionate people who have strong opinions, and we like to share them! Thank you to everyone who left comments on the Men and Quilting: A Response posting. An even bigger thank you for keeping it (pretty much) classy. I’ve read through all the comments here (my email has been bleeping non-stop), and I’ve read through most of the comments at the other blogs. Some were hard to read, and sometimes mean-spirited things were spouted from both sides of the argument. I know there are tempers, and frustrations, and we sometimes say things we wish could take back, or that maybe get taken the wrong way. So let’s try to forgive each other for that! (As Ellen says, “Be kind to one another.”) I think this topic is worth revisiting, but for now, I really need to get back to some actual sewing as well!


For this week’s Sunday Stash, I’ve compiled some new notions together that I’ve yet to show you. This first image is a collection of all things metal! Last week I finished quilting two 48″ x 72″ quilts myself! Yay! In order to do that though, I first had to get a few supplies. I purchased 120 bent safety pins used for quilt basting from my LQS, as well as some metallic sewing needles. Metallic thread is my new jam, y’all! I might even like it better than peanut butter. (Sidebar: wait until next week’s Sunday Stash … you’re might even wet yourself a little bit!) Also in this picture are some more metal bobbins for my Juki that I picked up in Tokyo. I got twenty of them, (not all pictured) for way cheap, and I’m loving the flexibility it is giving me now. And that foot! That’s an invisible zipper foot, which I have no idea how to use, so if any of you have a favourite invisible zipper tutorial, please let me know!


Continuing on with my quilting journey, I also had to restock my role of blue tape. If you don’t have this in your quilting tool belt, I’d suggest you get onto that. I use it ALL the time for all sorts of stuff around the house. Mr. Sparkles picked it up for me at Bunnings (hardware store) and was nice enough to get it in two sizes! What a dear! (I know he probably just couldn’t remember which one to get, but it’s more pleasant to think he was trying to impress! hehe) Now these marking tools. You can see they are still in the pack, but I’m definitely committed to using them. I picked them up in Tokyo as well, but my last two quilts were all about SLQ, so there wasn’t a need. The directions are in Japanese, so wish me luck on figuring them out! Last but not least is this gorgeous new sparkle journal that my BFF gave me for Christmas! How perfect is that? I haven’t even written in yet, but I have it sitting on my cutting mat because just looking at it makes me happy!

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  1. It gives me a strange level of peace to see your notions post. I was afraid I was going to have to unsubscribe. I’ve declared 2016 as The Year of the Stash and sometimes the fabric porn is too much for me to deal with. A little break is more than welcome! And I second your endorsement of painter’s tape. I use it wide open – marking straight lines on quilts, keeping wee bits of fabric from getting mixed up, attaching blocks to the wall for impromptu photo shoots, etc.

    As for the whole man quilting issue, I read your post, and the two you linked and tried to form an opinion, but part of me just doesn’t want to get involved. Head in the sand much? I don’t care so much who made a quilt or how much attention it got from whom. It’s whether it speaks to me or not. And wishing one had the quilting “success” of others, for whatever reason, just poisons one’s thoughts. Comparison is the thief of joy. I will say that I think you hold the record for the greatest number of times using the word penis in a quilt blog post.

  2. Hi Mollie! I am coming late to the party too I guess because I haven’t read the Men post either and probably won’t if it’s causing a stir. I’m into quilt love I guess and not quilt controversy. I revel in quilting successes and quilting artistry, and eat up photos of beautiful quilts like they were candy!

    So instead of reading the post (okay, I might sneak a peek because I’m also curious ) I’ll just leave you lots of hugs and healing thoughts in case you need them! And may I just say, I’m a sparkle girl as well and love your blog! Thanks for hosting the linky.

  3. Liz says:

    A zipper tutorial I like is the free Craftsy class “Mastering Zipper Techniques”

  4. I love that glittery purple notebook!

  5. helen says:

    Oh I enjoyed this post too. I have a collection of notions that came from my mother, and mil, old darning threads, old metal bobbins, old thread from the mill my husband’s grandfather worked in.
    ps just had to check out the “other” two blogs. I thought patchwork and quilting and sewing was about the creativity and companionship whoever and whatever. Have I been asleep?

  6. Sue says:

    Just keep sparkling Molli, I love that men quilt! I hope and wish more would, the math alone is a bloke thing! SO I haven’t read the posts, but take no notice. Splash a few more sequins about, what the hell! More is more, right? PS you did a remarkable thing with the Hashtag quilts. I would have sent blocks but my skills weren’t up to the task. However I’m doing some simple quilts for the fire victims in WA. Big Love. X

  7. Tish says:

    How did I not know that you could buy bent safety pins? I’m not sure I have stumbled upon them in our LQS? Does it make pin removal easier? I have so many questions 🙂 Blue painters tape…love this stuff. It comes in sew handy for many different things. My supreme slider has pretty much lost off of its stick, so the blue tape works great for holding it in place.

  8. Marla says:

    @sewkatiedid (Katie Pederson) has a great invisible zipper tutorial for installing zippers in pillows.

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