Sunday Stash #160 – Fabric War

It’s Liberty time again! This is the last post featuring fabric from my trip to Japan last November. I know, it’s now January, but I warned you it would take a while! Don’t start having separation anxiety quite yet though because I have a few novel notions for next week. Then, finally, I think I’m going to need a stash tap-out. I feel like I’ve been at fabric war, and I am exhausted! My old stash is starting to get jealous of the new stash and they’ve set up dividing lines in the cupboard. It could be guns ablaze in there soon; let’s just hope they don’t set the whole place on fire!


These thirty centimetre cuts of Liberty were the last pieces of fabric I bought on this trip. I certainly didn’t need any more fabric (haha, obvs!) but as I was walking away from Nippori Textile Town to head to the airport, I still had some cash left in my wallet. You know if you’ve ever exchanged money at the airport that you generally lose big time between the exchange rate and the fees they charge you. I figured it was better that Liberty take all my money for something, rather than the banks get even part of it for nothing! Do you feel me?


I had walked past this shop several times, but actually hadn’t been into it before. Originally, I thought it was just a fabric store selling shirting. However, as fabric is prone to do, a bit of colour flashed my way, and I heard the siren call. Once inside, I discovered that seventy-five percent of the shop was dedicated to Liberty. Uh oh. Defences down! I started pulling bolts, and rifling through individually packed pieces. The Japanese man at the counter just smiled at me with that stoic, all-knowing twinkle in his eye. “Fool! You thought you could resist my Liberty charms,” he seemed to say to me. That, combined with the cash burning a hole in my pocket (figuratively, I was now wearing hotpants!) I didn’t stand a chance.


Oh, but it felt so good! I just embraced it, knowing it would cost a pretty plumb, and picked out as many of my favourites as I had thousand dollar yen notes in my pocket. That same, all-knowing Japanese man was a pretty generous cutter though, and when it comes to Liberty, you know that is a bona fide plus! So now these are hanging out with the rest of my Liberty stash (they’ve set up base camp in the far back corner), waiting anxiously for that all-Liberty quilt that is waiting to pop out of my creative brain. It had better come soon though, because the fabrics are getting restless!

P.s. Y’all know I’m not a cutesy floral person, even when it comes to Liberty. My florals need to have something pretty tremendous to say for them to make it to my stash. That’s why these with watercolours, colouring books, and hot pink combined with tangerine sunflowers came home with me. Also, did you see those orange books in the first picture? And the blue ladders in the last?! Don’t get me started on my spirit animal peacock feathers, because I literally, just. can. not. Remember, you don’t have to like all the things, to like some of the things!

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5 Responses

  1. The orange books and blue ladders speak to me a lot. I totally agree that you don’t have to like all of the things in order to like some of the things. It is why I am not a full collection / fabric line kind of gal typically.

  2. Jayne says:

    This liberty thing…Yikes! You have opened my eyes to the fact that there are some cool ones, other than floral. However, I still haven’t bought any and that’s just the way it is! Some rides you just know to stay off of!

  3. helen says:

    oh, I have the green and blue poppy type flower in red and blue, one of my current favourites. I love the idea of your fabric siding up to each other, glaring! I think that happens in my house too.

  4. Now you know I’m a floral Liberty girl so we could happily raid a shop with no quarrels! Is it bad that I want you to make a really floral traditional quilt with all your ‘non flowery’ Liberty?! Or maybe some sort of bold applique? 😉

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