At the newsagents.

I went to the newsagent today and saw my name splashed across the pages of a couple of quilting mags. As I was flicking through the pages, and my blonde hair extensions, a few ladies pushed through the crowds to ask for my autograph. Thankfully, I had my glitter pen with me so I could sign the 37 copies they bought for them and their guilds. Ridonkulous, I know. But what’s a girl to do?


The first one features my Union Jack Surprise quilt and pattern in Australia Patchwork & Quilting, Vol 25, No 7. This quilt was made from many blocks submitted by members of the Glitterati in two quilt bees I was in organised through the Facebook group, Quilt Club Australia. I was finally able to give it back to my daughter after it had travelled all around the wilds of Australia for its glamour shots. Be forewarned, there is a small graphical typo in the instructional set, but I think you’ll still be able to figure it out. If not, you can come back here to to get your own instructions!


The other magazine I nearly got stampeded over is the brand new edition of Textile Fibre Forum! Look at that cover, how sexy is that? I had to stand and model (S&M) so hard for that shot as Mr. Benjamin Shine draped me in bolts upon bolts of tulle. With a name like Mr. Shine though, how could I even complain?* The real magic happens on the back page though as I get down and dirty about the truth of the Handmade Holidays. I share all my inside secrets with you on how to have a stress-free holiday season. Yep, it’s worth a read, because I’m not gonna tell you here!


I did manage to make it out of that newsagents alive, but just barely. Suffice to say, I did run out of glitter pen ink, so I’ll be asking Santa for a restock! You’ve always gotta be ready to sparkle!

*Not everything you read on the Internet is true.

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