Sunday Stash #154 – Fabric Thanks

Then there was Thanksgiving. I have to say, it is probably the holiday I have missed the most since moving to Australia. Let’s be honest, I love food. (I’m sure you’re pretty much all on board with that statement!) Thanksgiving is all about the food, and how much of it you can eat before your stomach figures out what you’re doing to it and closes up shop. In contrast, Christmas tends to have a lot of unnecessary stress attached to it, and if you avoid in-person Black Friday sales (why, would you even!) Thanksgiving can be virtually stress-free. Okay, so maybe you have to deal with that mystery stuffing that Great Grandma Hazel makes each year, but really, it’s not that bad. Besides, it was only that one fingernail, and that was years ago.


Over the past four years I have had the great pleasure of being adopted by my friend Zach’s family who, while Australian, host a fabulously delicious Thanksgiving spread. We could say it was in my honour as I am always the token-American, but I think they just like an excuse to have pumpkin pie. The most  hilarious part is that I am the dedicated Turkey carver each year, which my family would just think is the most ridiculous thing they’ve ever heard of. However, I filleted that bird this year with expert precision, which I’m sure is from my practice with hand sewing!


With all of the festivities, I didn’t get a whole lot done other than chowing down! I do have some lovely fabrics to show you though! I bought all of these at either Otsukaya or Yuzawaya in Japan, both of which are chain craft stores, but a step above the rest. Does Jo-Ann’s / Spotlight stock a full range of Liberty fabrics? Only in Japan. All of these were purely stash buys, and I had to dig through some pretty gnarly containers to find them.


None of those in the first two pictures have printed selvages, but were all about $4 USD for half-metres. The interesting thing about them for me was how much they feel like Art Gallery fabrics base-cloth. They’re 100% cotton, but have that silky, yet sturdy, feeling I know we all love so much! I love the geometry of those two pie-chart, circle prints, and realised when I got home that I have the same print in another colour-way! Good to know my tastes are consistent.


Those trees! How mid-century cool are they? (Inkjet Designs by Marie Perkins for Robert Kaufman). I’m always on the look out for orange blenders, and this one felt so crisply, modern! (From Bump -> Baby by Gina Martin for Moda) And I know, brown, right? Leave the haterade in the fridge, though, because we all need some brown in our lives. I must have been feeling my mid-century vibe that day because this one (Stockholm by Robin Zingone for Robert Kaufman) plays so nicely with the other two. It’s like I was curating a bundle while shopping and didn’t even realise it. I guess that’s how my brain works now! Fabric brain! Anyway, hope you had a fab holiday, and you found a cozy recliner to call your own!

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  1. Susan says:

    I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I hail for the last 38 years of my life from the great city of Broken Arrow, OK. When I moved here, 145th E. Ave. was two lane with stop signs. I moved into what I though was a new, but quaint little house to begin to raise our famiy. I was pregnant with my first child. I still have his first quilt. It was sewn together from pre-quilted fabric (on both sides). Little did I know that my great grandmother’s love of quilting would genetically pass to me.

    I have made an online quilting friend in NE. Just before she left for Thanksgiving she sent me a note to tell me how she adores your website, not knowing that I also follow you. The real news was that you are from Broken Arrow.

    I’m amazed at how BA is still changing. If I don’t get to the other side of town for quite some time, I’m amazed at how it’s changed. It’s sad to see some of the hills coming down in the name of progress. Just like the weather, we are still a’ changin’ like our qulting. I find myself embracing more and more types of quilts and loving them – they are quilts and they each have a story.

    Please keep us in stitches.

  2. Julia D. says:

    Lovely new additions! I would not have been able to resist that tree print! Very drool worthy!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Happy you had such a great Turkey Day and I love your apron. It’s nice to have such good friends, especially since they have adopted you and proclaimed you The Carver Extraordinaire. JoAnns would never carry anything so high class as Liberty Lawn fabrics. Even their Batiks pale in comparison to the name brands, but they aren’t ashamed to put a high price on them, that even with a coupon is highway robbery. My favorite fabric in your new stash purchases is the large purple and orchid floral. Hugs

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