Sunday Stash #141 – Show Me Your Peacock!

I hereby christen this Aurifil thread collection the Molli Sparkles Show Me Your Peacock bundle. Do I want to see your peacock? Abso-effin-lutely! The bigger the better. Now, before you get any ideas about dropping trou and gettin’ your willies out (or those of your partner-boyfriend-husband-dildos-I-think-that’s-all-bases-covered) that is not what I am talkin’ about! Showing your peacock is about letting your true colours fly. We should strive to be the best version of ourselves, and proudly let the world know it.

The Molli Sparkles Show Me Your Peacock bundle features colours #4658 Limoni di Monterosso, #5005 Medium Turquoise, #5017 Shining Green, and #2740 Cobalt. If you want some of my tail feathers you need to head over to my friend Ms. Midge to sign up for the #AussieAurifilClub where she can sort you out. You can sign up for a subscription (easy and most economical) or if there are any bundles left at the end of the month (unlikely) you might be able to grab just this one. You need to hurry though, the end of the month is in two days, and I can’t be held responsible if you miss out. I really don’t know of any place in Australia where you can get cheaper Aurifil delivered straight to your door, so you can rock out, with your peacock out and continue to sew!

This is me when I’m about to walk into a room. You gotta make an impression, right? I hereby declare my spirit animal as the peacock!

I even put together some fabric bundles that would be perfect with this thread collection. I just happened to have these lying around (as you do), and even found some peacock feathers amongst them! What is it about blue and green at the moment that I’m all about? I must still feeling the remnants of that Jagged Little Pill!
The top bundle trends towards the blues, while the one below falls closer to the citron-y green side of things. The key to a successful fabric pull (in my opinion) is to gather varying tones and shades of a similar colour which will give a richness and depth to the entire palette. Isn’t that true about us as well? It’s our varying true colours that make us all beautiful.  What are you waiting for, show me your peacock!

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  1. MsMidge says:

    I may have read this whilst walking through the shopping centre and looked like a mad woman laughing my head off!

  2. V Hair says:

    So pretty! Plus another good reason for proud shaking those tail feathers. It did make me think of this though (sorry for eBay link)

  3. too funny!!! I think peacock is for sure your spirit animal, if you threw some glitter on those feathers 😉

  4. Lisa J. says:

    Love that picture of you Molli, and the fabric pull. Now I'lm wondering: Are there any sources in Canada for these beautiful Aurifil colours. I only see the boring colours in shops around here.

  5. Great threads! The Show Me Your Peacock bundle is gorgeous! Love the fabric pulls too…especially those commas 😉

  6. Zenia Rene says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. All of the colors are fantastic. I especially like the pic of you when you walk into a room! I'm having a blog birthday giveaway this week. Since the giveaway includes sewing supplies (needles, thread and patterns) I linked up to Sunday Stash. This is my first time. Thanks for the post and the party!

  7. SewPsyched! says:

    I adore your Aurifil thread collection!! I'm glad you're showing us all how to strut our stuff!! XX!

  8. LOL
    Have you ever met a peacock? They are soooo annoying (just like swans), but they do have some gorgeous plumage — jeepers. I love the thread colors you chose. perdy.

  9. Love those thread colors! Envy alert. If peacocks weren't such pesky birds I would want to own one just to look at it's plumage.

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